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  • Any Path Gets You There

    What’s the best diet? The one you’ll follow. What’s the best exercise program? The one that gets you the results that YOU want. What’s the best business strategy? The one you’ll actually implement to get where you want to go. I was wishing a happy birthday to Scott Sigler, and realized that he’s a great example for my upcoming book, Make Your Own Game.

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  • Go On a Media Diet

    Too many of us are chewing up hours each day in an effort to “stay informed” and “keep up” but also to waste time in between other tasks. It’s time to go on a diet. A media diet. How to Start Your Media Diet Look at the blogs and newsletters you currently receive. You already know which ones you read fervently. Those will probably stay in your regular rotation.

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  • Working on my New Book

    I’m writing a new book called Make Your Own Game. This book solves the challenge of “how do I get more successful at life and business?” I thought I’d share a little behind-the-scenes of how I do it. I Start With “Why Bother With a Book?” It took a while to write this new book, but not the actual writing process. That’s kind of quick. Instead, I got a bit wrapped up in the content.

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  • Is Your Site About You Or Them?

    Imagine you need to swap out the dishwasher in your kitchen (the device, not a person). If you didn’t want to do the job yourself, you’d call a plumber, or go look for one online. Now, imagine the plumber spends her or his time telling you about their credentials, about why they charge what they do, about how they’re the very best at what they do.

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  • Sing the Hell Out of Your Song

    I’ve come to realize that one big challenge we have is that we have to tell the world how we help them, and we have to do it often. Only, we have to do it in a way that makes it about our buyers and not us. If you’re like me, you quite often have a song stuck in your head. In some ways, I think we should be this way with our customers. As long as we’re not an annoying song.

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  • Brand Manage Camp is Worth It

    I wouldn’t ever write a post like this if I were asked. I hate when people ask me outright to say nice things about them or their company or their event. I need to tell you that so I can say what I want to say next. I really REALLY loved Brand Manage Camp in Las Vegas. Run by Len Herstein, I have to tell you that I loved this event. This is SO WEIRD for me to say.

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  • Your Message and Your Voice

    I’m writing this for my Owner Insiders but figured I’d share it with you, as well. The idea is one of those simple-but-potentially-profound ones. I’ll be sharing it with the people at Owner Action Systems LIVE in Portland, Maine on 9.24.16. Your Message and Your Voice I believe that when you better understand what you stand for, what you believe in, what you bring to the picn ...

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  • Advertising Hits a Hurdle

    This guy is known as Pewdiepie. You can decide he’s a weirdo (he is). You can think his videos aren’t interesting because they’re mostly “let’s play” coverage of video games (currently one of the top watched video categories of YouTube). He also makes $12 million a year from YouTube. However, recently, YouTube implemented some changes to appease the complaints of their advert ...

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  • Labor Day

    I’ve never been one to celebrate Labor Day. It’s a US holiday built to say, “Hey good job, workers. You did work!” Seems a bit patronizing to me. I prefer to celebrate work every day. But you can make a holiday what you want, and so I made mine my own. Labor Day Over the last handful of days, Jacq launched a new food blog, I launched a nerd blog, and I published a book.

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  • How to Write Better

    I wrote a book on how to Find Your Writing Voice. The idea came because Jacq said she wanted to know how to translate her unique self onto the page, onto her blog, into emails and more. You know, in a world where writing and communication are more important than ever, I wanted to make sure that you weren’t just putting your words out there; you were making your words ...

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  • What Do You Lose by Fitting In?

    I just looked over my last ten posts. The only thing they all have in common is that I’m not talking about what all my other friends are talking about. I’m not talking about lead magnets and how to automate your tweets or why it’s sad that Blab failed or any of that. I’m not debating whether Instagram stories is a good or bad thing. Mostly because I don’t care.

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  • Wait Where Did Yesterday Go

    It’s practically September, you know. The year is almost over. How much did you accomplish? Can you measure it in any way? Do you have any markers? I’ll tell you straight out that I didn’t do nearly enough to cover myself in this regard. I didn’t track it well enough. Wait: Where Did Yesterday Go? To the positive, I’ve worked really hard at following the 20 Minute Plan.

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  • The Right Kind of Advertising

    Matthew McConaughey is smart, and so are the people at Wild Turkey, a Kentucky maker of bourbon. They approached the actor to be the celebrity spokesman for their product. You’ve seen it a million times before. But Matthew wanted more. He said that he wanted to dig in and get his hands in the clay of it all, to be a bigger part of the story and not just a character in it.

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  • The Motivation Habit

    I just got back from a half hour of rucking (which is hiking around with a backpack full of weight – in my case, 55 lbs). I’ve been doing this almost daily for three weeks straight, heading into my fourth. The training I’m working on has eight weeks of this in the menu before I get back to “regular” weight lifting.

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  • Pokemon Go is a Phenomenon – Get Into It

    I never write about the bleeding edge of things. It doesn’t benefit most people to run out and try something very new most times. But I really think you should give Pokemon Go a try and I’ll explain why. What is Pokemon Go? If you’ve ever heard of the video game / card game / cartoon / multi billion dollar franchise that is Pokemon, it’s about a bunch of trainers who catch an ...

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  • Five Good Dishes – Make Your Business Smarter

    Our friend James showed us the wonderful independent bookstore, McNally Jackson while we were in New York recently. We left with a stack of books (which I never do, because I’m a digital downloads kind of guy) and probably could’ve stayed there an hour or two more if I hadn’t needed to take a quick tour of highly functional plumbing (bookstores do it to me every time!).

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  • We Are All Foreigners

    The recent vote for Britain to depart the European Union came with a tall side order of hate, racism, and fear. Your first reaction will probably mirror mine: deplorable. And it is. But there’s more to it. Hate Comes From Fear This kind of hate, anyway, is the stuff of fear. The people most affected by any economic or political changes are those who are struggling to survive.

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  • I Have a Secret Weapon

    I have a secret weapon when it comes to building my business, and it’s something I definitely can’t train you to have. I love to share thoughts and ideas with people. I love creating posts. Text, video, audio. It’s all great for me. I love sharing. My Secret Weapon The beauty of such a secret weapon is that you can learn more about me and about my business and about whatever ...

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