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  • GoDaddy Conveniently Deletes My Fiance’s New Domain Purchase

    After years of supporting GoDaddy (even through their rough times with public relations), I might be done defending them because of something they did to my fiance, Jacqueline. GoDaddy Deletes a Domain Purchased From Their Site So here’s the story. On Tuesday the 5th, Jacqueline calls me all excited and tells me that GoDaddy has new .health domains available. She purchases “woman.

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  • Set Up a Website Quickly with StudioPress Sites

    I shot a quick video showing just how easy it is to build a WordPress website fast using StudioPress Sites. I’ve been promoting and marketing their products for years because I think they’re great. Let me show you why. Set up a Website Quickly with StudioPress Sites Watch this video. It’s reasonably brief. I s ...

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  • Why I Keep Pushing So Hard About Blockchain

    If you’ve paid any attention to me over the last several weeks and months, I’ve repeatedly said that blockchain as a technology is a huge and major shift that will impact many businesses (probably yours) in the next handful of years. I’ve also said repeatedly that you need to get out in front of it and learn more now so that you don’t repeat the mistakes you made in the DOT C ...

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