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  • The Inner Makings of a Membership Site Launch, with Stu McLaren

    In this episode of Youpreneur FM, Chris and Stu go into membership site launches, what kind you should consider using and how to keep your site going. They also dive into the details of launching, managing, and marketing your own membership site. Once you’ve decided to take that next big step and create your own membership site, where do you start? What kind of membership sh ...

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  • Marketing Your Book All the Way to the Bestseller Lists, with Jay Baer

    In this podcast episode, Chris Ducker sits down with Jay Baer to learn exactly how to become a New York Times bestselling author! Get your notebooks ready! Book marketing is a topic that has come up a lot for me lately. As many of you know, I’ve just wrapped a book that has been traditionally published a while back.

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  • The ‘Heart & Soul’ of Membership Sites, with Mike Morrison

    Chris talks with Mike of the Membership Guys, and they discuss what it takes to come up with and maintain a membership site. Membership sites have become something of an entrepreneurial pinnacle when it comes to online business. The idea of a regular and recurring income has sparked interest in so many business owners, but what does it really take to come up with and maintai ...

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  • How to Create Courses to Monetize Your Brand, with David Siteman Garland

    In this episode of Youpreneur FM, Chris Ducker sits down with mediapreneur David Siteman Garland to talk about online course creation. With the rise of content marketing in the last few years, the amount of information you can find online has been growing exponentially. You no longer have to pay for most information — it’s available for free, and it’s only a few clicks away.

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  • Quantifying the ‘YouEconomy,’ with Shelby and Josh from Success Magazine

    In this episode, we focus in on something that a lot of entrepreneurs go through: entrepreneurial self-doubt. Many budding entrepreneurs find themselves asking the question, “Is this right for me?” So, today Chris dives into his personal strategy for when he faces doubts, how small goals can help you boost confidence, and so much more.

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  • How to Breathe New Life into Your Online Content Archive

    In this episode of Youpreneur FM, Chris dives into the topic of making the most out of your online content archive by repurposing content to help you reach your followers in new ways. We’ve all been there before. You work hard on creating a solid blog post, you feel a rush of pride as you hit “publish” and share it with your audience. Then it disappears into your archive.

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