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  • Viewability is a big part of the journey, but it’s not the destination

    Measurement, we’ve come a long way. Just 10 years ago, I was a manager in the “interactive marketing” department of a major real estate brand. Our marketing team as a whole employed 30 to 40 professionals, of which just a small handful worked with me in digital. As at any major consumer brand at the time, those of us on the digital team wanted a bigger slice of the marketing budget pie.

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  • “I love advertising,” said no one ever

    DIRECTV customers have the power to turn back time with our newest 72 hour rewind feature on Set Top Box! Visit for more information. CONNECT WITH US Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Vine: https://vine.

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  • Henny Penny and the state of digital marketing: The sky is not falling

    If one pays casual attention to marketing and media trade publications, it’s easy to draw the conclusion that the heyday of digital advertising is over. Each week there are new stories about the challenges facing the industry: viewability, ad fraud, ad blocking and more. With these challenges, there’s the assumption that brands may no longer be willing to move ad spend into the medium.

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