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  • How to Decide – Robots.txt Or Meta Robots?

    Robots.txt & Meta robots, two very similar ways to achieve a similar task – but in effect they’re significantly different! Robots.txt was my first introduction to blocking pages from Google, it’d take a relatively small change to implement and it was very simple to explain if you were working with third-party developers. It’s too easy to use this lazily however, and robots.

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  • What is Rank Tracking and Do We Recognise it Anymore?

    The following blog is heavily based on a recent talk I gave at Search London, I’ve embedded the slides below for those who want the ‘quick’ version, for everyone else – read on! I love rank tracking – in fact SEO’s like me are addicted to it. It’s an industry where the fixation on tools & software is expected, if not essential.

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  • Tracking Success for Small Businesses (Part Two)

    In part one of my Tracking Success for Small Businesses we looked across a broad spectrum, from setting up Google Analytics correctly, the basics of campaign tracking and how you can take this tracking process into offline marketing too. To finish off, this post will look into how a small business could track calls, footfall data and a final thought on keeping tabs on your le ...

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  • Tracking Success for Small Businesses (Part One)

    I spend more and more of my time working with people to help them understand what “success looks like” with regards to marketing performance – and so should you. Where the most resistance to building a robust method of tracking success is often within smaller businesses, which can be for one of the following reasons: Budget – Can’t afford the expertise Knowledge – Aren’t awa ...

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  • 6 Distractions Which are Making your SEO Less Effective

    To start off with a simple statement, SEO has gotten harder. Some will agree with me, others not – this will ultimately show when/how you got introduced to it and your own path within the industry. Regardless of which direction you come at this, there is much to distract you from running an efficient & successful SEO campaign.

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  • How to Clean Up After Botched Site Migration

    Much has been said recently about the importance of a site migration done well, at the most recent BrightonSEO, for example, you may have caught one of the two talks which covered this topic in some detail (disclosure, I delivered one of them, the other was by Jon Earnshaw – watch the recording here, with some more nuggets from Barry Adams, myself, David Bain & co here).

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  • How Does Content Marketing Really Get You Sales?

    First of all, I need to make the following disclaimer. Content marketing is not magic. You don’t pop up a blog post or two and the sales start flooding in. You don’t create one or two videos and suddenly you’re the talk of the internet. It requires hard work. It requires you going beyond the efforts of your competition.

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  • Make the Most of Your Content on LinkedIn

    Facebook and Twitter often dominate the social networking scene, but there’s a ton of other platforms to help get your content in front of your prospects. The one I want to draw your attention to is the often overlooked and misunderstood LinkedIn. LinkedIn boasts they are the third-quickest growing social network with over 300 million subscribers and counting.

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  • Four Digital Marketing Trends You Must Be Aware of in 2015

    Four Digital Marketing Trends You Must Be Aware of in 2015 January 5, 2015 By Chris Green Leave a Comment It’s the start of a new year and an ideal time to plan how you’ll be growing your business in 2015. Now more than ever, there’s increasing ways you can get your message out to the world. But with the growing choice comes a growing confusion.

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  • The Right Content for The Right Audience

    I was sat round a board room table with a group of directors of a fairly large company. The managing director laughed when we talked about his website being mobile friendly. Apparently, “people won’t search for their technical products on a mobile device”. I could have left it there, but I hate assumptions. Especially when it comes to marketing.

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  • Define or Die

    On my commute to my office, I walk past a small a charity shop. It’s been there for years. From what I can tell, they sell everything from skateboards to socks. They do their best to get my attention. They’ve got big signs up in the windows that talk of the good work they do. They put an assortment of items out in front of the shop. Hub caps, flowers, mirrors, gloves… you get the picture.

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