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  • Beyond the Like: Measuring Facebook Reactions

    Likes are so yesterday. Don’t get me wrong — I love Likes. They continue to serve as a simple way for people to show support for a thought, product offering or opinion, and they have provided marketers with a valuable tool to measure media effectiveness. Unlike the one-way nature of other media, social feedback mechanisms allow you to see how your audience is responding to ...

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  • Why marketers should be paying attention to Twitch

    Before you market to an audience, first you have to find them. Most marketers have their favorite channels — ones that have worked for them in the past, or where they feel most comfortable with the lingo and standards. But as time and technology push forward, the places where people spend time change along with them.

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  • On brands, death and social media

    While 2016 hasn’t left us with a lack of things to talk — and argue — about, there’s one thing that most people will agree on: We’re collectively about ready to see this year head out the door. It’s been quite a year for ups and downs across the globe, including the long list of celebrities who have passed away, leaving us to face 2017 without their company.

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  • October surprise: When brands enter the political discussion

    Over the past few months, it’s grown increasingly difficult to enter a lengthy discussion without drifting into politics. Between the Brexit debate and the US presidential election, a combination of high-stakes topics and big personalities have dominated our world during much of 2016. But the past month has shown a new level of activity for marketers to consider or disregard ...

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  • What marketers can learn from governments on social

    As marketers, we strive to find new ideas for campaigns, strategies and tactics from any source we can find. Looking to our own historical performance, watching top performers in the industry and staying on top of the latest trends are commonplace for any marketer worth their latest budget. But sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected sources.

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  • How social is revealing a new world for the travel industry

    If you’re beginning to see fewer and fewer vacation photos in your social streams, you’re not alone. As the summer winds down, so does the busiest time of the year for travelers, airlines and hotels. But the season passing doesn’t mean the learning stops with the first fall leaves: Social media teams have spent the past few months trying their best to attract and engage an a ...

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  • Elon Musk and the rise of the social executive

    Photo by Flickr user Steve Jurvetson and used here via the Creative Commons license Anyone paying attention to the technology world over the past few years can tell you that Elon Musk is… different. He thinks differently from most CEOs — most notably leveraging his fortune to build an electric car company that no one said would work, and two other companies at the same time.

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  • How Twitter bios can help you find your audience

    Social media is as much about sharing information as expressing a certain kind of image to the rest of the world. Being able to choose the moments we want to share (and leave out the ones we’d rather not) gives users the ability to curate a public perception — a mix of who we really are and who we want to be.

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  • Your brand refresh: What should you expect from social?

    Several weeks ago, Instagram surprised users around the world with a colorful new direction for its logo. The new design began appearing on desktop and mobile app home screens and sent waves of hot takes shooting across social networks. With all the opinions and conversation on the update, it made me wonder what social media data might be able to tell us about other recent brand refreshes.

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  • Deep-dish digital: The most Instagrammed restaurants in America

    When setting out to plan social media campaigns for big brands, there is a long list of factors to juggle. Marketers need to manage a budget, find the right mix of organic and paid, put out fires on a weekly basis and handle a huge influx of customer comments. But one of the biggest question marks — and opportunities — for many American brands is how to translate a national c ...

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  • Streaming social: What marketers can learn from Netflix’s social strategy

    Television is changing right before our eyes. Cord cutting, video on demand and the lack of commercial interruption have fundamentally shifted how we watch our favorite shows. But one of the biggest shifts in the media industry over the past few years has been binge-watching. Up until a few years ago, the term “binge-watching” was barely even on our radar.

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  • The “social iceberg”: The data on 1:1 marketing may surprise you

    In the world of social media, marketers are always looking to optimize their tactics to reach the most people in the most powerful ways. We work hard to plan the time, language, imagery and tone/voice of every social communication as we meticulously craft out our calendars with precision. The examples we often look to for guidance are from campaigns across the industry with ...

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  • The Quiet, Smart Growth Of #GirlsWhoCode

    For marketers, knowing what to measure after a campaign goes live has been a difficult question to answer for decades. With so many channels, metrics, tools and spreadsheets to fill out, it can get overwhelming pretty fast. What numbers are the best gauge of your success? When do you declare victory or defeat on a campaign? And how do you know when you’re looking at the wron ...

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