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  • Web users think most outbound links are commercial [study]

    The majority of links are considered to be commercial in nature, according to a new research. Dan Petrovic, aka @DejanSEO, has just published the results of a quantitative study of 2,000 web users in the US and Australia. It was set up to discover perceptions about why web publishers link out. Accordingly to the research, more than 40% of users think that outbound links from ...

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  • Are related sitewide footer links the key to dominating Google?

    A long, long time ago I was talking to Mike Grehan about search engine rankings. He used the term “the rich get richer”, to explain why sites that live at the top of Google are likely to stay there. One of the reasons is the ease of findability. A writer who is researching a subject on Google is highly likely to click the top result first.

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  • The most expensive 100 Google Adwords keywords in the US

    Google is on track to make more than $70bn in revenue in 2016, and the lion’s share of that number will be generated by its insanely successful advertising business. As I’m sure you know, advertisers pay a fee every time somebody clicks on a link in one of their ads. Some of the costs per click being paid are absolutely staggering, though they must be worth it, from the advertiser’s perspective.

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  • Is it game over for PRs when it comes to link building?

    Alex Jones from Hallam Internet shared a new case study around an outbound PR campaign, focused on bloggers. The campaign sought to attract the attention of a bunch of highly relevant bloggers, as well as, hopefully, a few links. The results show that bloggers are increasingly savvy about the value of linking out to other sites.

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  • 24 key skills for SEO professionals (and wannabes) in 2016

    Search engine optimisation is one of the biggest games worth playing in business. The risks and rewards are huge. There’s a lot of head-scratching, occasional sleepless nights, some incredible eureka moments, and plenty of scope for amateur soothsayers. It can be hard work and it seems to be getting ever more difficult, but it is a lot fun.

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  • The top 100 most expensive keywords in the UK

    Back in the day, around 2003, somebody asked me a question regarding paid search: “Do you know what the most expensive keyword is on Google Adwords, and how much it costs?” I made a bunch of guesses, gradually increasing the amount I thought it might be acceptable to pay every time somebody clicks on an ad.

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  • Is a brutal approach to content migration best for SEO?

    I read a great article over at Boagworld about the pain of content migration, a term that will send shivers down the spine of anybody unfortunate enough to have been through such a process. Written by Paul Boag, it explains some of the common problems with migrating vast amounts of content. Notably, the reorganising of content in a way where lots of mismatches occur, breaking ...

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  • Introducing the Content Strategy Canvas

    A couple of years ago I created the Periodic Table of Content Marketing, to help people create the right kind of content for their brands. That visualisation was very much tactical, in terms of its scope. I wanted to combine a brainstorming tool with a checklist, to help with the content creation process. My Periodic Table of Content Marketing is proving ridiculously popular. Meta! http://t.

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  • What should I do when my site has been hit with a Google penalty?

    Google penalties are the one thing that are universally feared in the digital industry. They can be devastating and take an age to recover from. What should you do when you’ve been on the receiving end of an algorithmic change, or, heaven forfend, a manual action? As with everything, it depends on the type of penalty, the scale of the problem and your ability to sort things out.

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  • 11 reasons why your Facebook ad measurement is messed up

    A recurring theme I hear among paid social pros is the measurement discrepancy between Facebook and Google Analytics. People seem to have a really hard time matching up what’s happening with campaigns on Facebook and subsequent engagement, as measured by their analytics platform of choice (including – but not limited to – Google Analytics).

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