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  • How to Implement Dayparting in Adwords in 30 Minutes

    Finding a simple, more time-effective solution for dayparting analysis is my personal white whale. Dayparting analysis and implementation always struck me as being unnecessarily complicated and time consuming, so I’ve continued to look for ways to make the task easier for myself, the Seer PPC team, and other PPC marketers.

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  • How To Make A Splash Transitioning Onto A Client Account

    Account transitions are an inevitable part of our jobs here. I even wrote a blog post about it for Acquisio a few months ago. However, since this can be a recurring event, I thought I’d share the transition template I’ve used a few times now, and explain why I think it’s a great way to 1) get to know your new account, 2) prove that you’re learning about the new client, and 3) ...

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  • AdWords’ New Website Call Conversions – SEER’s Beta Experience

    This week, Google introduced a new feature for AdWords — Website Call Conversions. Well, at least it’s new to most people. It’s actually been in super secret secret beta status since at least October 2013. (Image Credit) And from what I hear, there was an even more alpha version of it before that. Needless to say, Google’s been trying to crack this nut for some time.

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