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  • 4 Resourceful Ways to Learn More About Your Buyer Persona

    Published 45 mins ago 23 If you’re a digital marketer, you’ve likely heard a thing or two (or 500) about the benefits of content marketing. More than a passing trend, content marketing has the potential to expand your company’s reach and grow your business significantly. The key is to produce and deliver content that’s relevant and beneficial to a clearly defined target audience.

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  • Crowdsource Your Way to the Best Landing Page

    Today, most people are familiar with the concept of crowdfunding: Getting a project off the ground with small amounts of money raised from a large number of people online. However, fewer know that this “appealing to the masses” approach can also be used to gather insight, generate feedback, and brainstorm solutions to business problems.

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  • Top 4 Digital Priorities for Higher Ed CMOs

    photo credit: matt.hintsa via cc According to new research from Formstack, 35% of universities currently have a Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO. In this relatively new role, CMOs are changing how higher education approaches marketing. With the right digital priorities, CMOs can have a forward-thinking impact on higher ed marketing.

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  • 4 Parts of a Must-Click Call to Action

    When it comes to CTAs, it’s tempting to scour the Internet for that one trick that will get your customers clicking. The problem is, there is no guarantee that someone else’s call-to-action technique is going to work on your customers. The only way to know if your call to action is effective is to run A/B tests.

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  • How to Make Marketing Analytics Easier

    Tons of marketers hate data, so they only focus on the low-hanging fruit. These “vanity metrics” include data like total page views, Twitter followers, and other fluffy numbers. The strongest marketers are the ones who collect actionable data. Doing so leads to the most profitable outcomes. If you’d like to be more actionable with your analytics, start with the “so what?” question.

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