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  • Why it’s Now or Never for HTTPS

    If you’ve been paying attention to our blog (and frankly, if you haven’t been, you’ve missed out in a big way), you’ll know that in February we ran a couple of articles about the consequences of not upgrading your website to HTTPS, which secures visitors against communications monitoring and data theft. While it was recommended then, it looks like it will soon become essential.

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  • Google pulls up the keyword research ladder on low-spending AdWords account

    There’s been a large and not-particularly-helpful change to Google’s indispensable Keyword Planner in the last few weeks. Accounts that aren’t spending much are now seeing vague search volumes, whereas big spenders are still getting the full data. Here’s what the same report looks like in Keyword Planner with and without the new limits in place: As you can see you’re losing ...

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  • Why Pagerank Dilution U-turn Shouldn’t Affect Attitudes to 30x Redirects

    You may have seen the recent article on Search Engine Land regarding 30x redirects and PageRank. If not, don’t worry – you can find it here. Essentially, the article summarises the confirmation by Google engineer Gary Illyes that a 30x redirect will no longer result in a dilution of PageRank. This is a source of contention as many in the SEO community have debated this for many years.

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  • Title Tags Now 20% Longer on Desktop Google Search Results

    Have you been longing for a longer space to compose your page titles? Well, you are in luck! With minimal fuss and fanfare, Google has increased the width of desktop search results to 600 pixels. This means about 20% more horizontal real estate than before. How does this affect your website’s SEO title tags and meta descriptions? Read on to find out.

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  • Link Building in 2016: A Practical Guide for Bloggers and Brands

    What do bloggers and the England football team have in common? They are both afraid of penalties. Last month, Ben Gallizzi reacted to Google’s clampdown on paid links from blogger reviews. Now, the hammer has fallen. Bloggers are trying to understand what has culled their traffic. Meanwhile, brands are deciphering how – and maybe if – blog outreach should form part of their di ...

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  • Why Optimising Your Images is More Important than Ever

    A picture paints a thousand words. This classic cliché perhaps understates the importance and power of images on the web. Other than video – and in the future, virtual reality – there is no better way to represent the real world within cyberspace. Google has recognised this with a new image management tool called Google Save.

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  • How to Optimise for Instant Answers on Search Engines

    When the Google search engine launched in 1998, its biggest rivals were human beings. At a time when web search was primitive, directories determined our dial-up downloads. Today, advanced algorithms know what we want to see before we’ve even finished typing it. For many search terms, the answer is on the results page, or even in the search bar. Search engines have become answer engines.

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  • Optimising for Google: When Is It the Wrong Thing to Do?

    Google is synonymous with “search”, but a forthcoming product closure highlights a rare weakness. Google Compare, the search giant’s price comparison service, will close later this month. Certainly, when I’ve shopped around for financial products, Google Compare hasn’t come to mind. It seems there is a type of search where Google is not the answer.

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  • Why is Google Forcing You to Secure Your Website?

    Perhaps I’m showing my age, but I remember when Internet Explorer’s broken image icon looked like this: The pixelated red X was a common sight in the pioneering days of the ‘modern’ web. Fast forward to 2016, and it looks set to make a comeback – but with far greater repercussions. Read our free HTTPS Migration Guide Some webpages are more secure than others Have you noticed ...

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