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  • 10 reasons not to pay reputation-attack sites for removals

    The Costs of Online Reputation Management – Paying for Sites to Remove Reputation Damage – Image By Chris Silver Smith © Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. There are many instances where sites purposefully publish content that damages a person’s reputation, including mugshots, arrest records, divorce records and consumer complaints, as well as the m ...

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  • How ignoring online reputation can destroy your PPC campaign

    There is an attitude among digital marketers that pay-per-click advertising is easier to master than other types of online marketing. Unfortunately, taking a shortcut to prominence can go hand-in-hand with laziness, leading to a disregard for everything else online. This is a hidden cost — ignoring online reputation can be destroying your PPC campaigns. Let me explain.

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  • Composition of an online reputation dream team

    If you are the victim of an online reputation attack, you might wonder what you could do about it if you had substantial resources to get the very best-in-class help. Would it be one person/company you would hire, or a few handfuls? What would be the makeup of an online reputation “dream team?” I’ve worked on a few of these, so I’ll provide some insider information.

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  • 10 tactics for handling haters on Facebook

    Whether your business has felt the brunt of a major online reputation issue or not, it’s not unusual for all organizations to face some negativity on social media. And when it’s on Facebook, the impact feels more intense, since it can show up very visibly alongside your brand’s presence. Here are a handful of tactics for managing Facebook haters, if or when they may show up.

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  • The Latest In Advanced Technical SEO From SMX Advanced

    Today, I’m bringing you the latest scuttlebutt in Advanced Technical SEO, from a session at SMX Advanced moderated by Barry Schwartz with presentations from the following industry veterans: Jenny Halasz, President and Founder of JLH Marketing Christine Smith, Technical Lead at IBM Search Marketing Maile Ohye, Engineer with Google’s Senior Developer Programs I believe the majority of technical .

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  • Using Autocomplete To Hijack Local Search Results & Improve Online Reputation

    Google is constantly refining its search engine algorithm in an effort to root out spam and improve the search experience for users. Over the years, this refinement process has largely rewarded those employing ethical search engine optimization (SEO) practices, as it is no longer easy to "cheat" the system with manipulative, blackhat SEO tactics.

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