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  • The value of search across the modern consumer decision journey

    As disruptive technologies reshape the digital marketing landscape, advertisers are scrambling to stay relevant and top of mind with consumers. In this shifting landscape, paid search continues to evolve outside of the traditional search format as an omnipresent influencer throughout the entire consumer decision journey.

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  • 2016 in review: Insights for search marketers from Bing Ads

    2016 marked another year of staggering growth in search as it continues to infuse our lives with more answers, more intelligence and more meaning. It was a year of voice searches, digitized consumer decision journeys, omnichannel shopping, chatbots and disruptive technologies that jolted us forward.

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  • Using shopping assistants to fill your shopping carts, online

    This year, I decided to up my Black Friday and Cyber Monday game by researching my purchases in advance, so I knew exactly what deals to be on the lookout for based on what I planned to buy for my friends and family. To keep myself organized, I tested a Shopping Assistant (developed by my employer as a Microsoft Garage project) to help me track the products I was researching ...

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  • ‘Tis the season: 6 ways to prepare for holiday shoppers

    For marketers, Christmas isn’t just one day a year — months of planning and weeks of meticulous optimization precede our celebration of the holiday season. For many retail businesses, it’s sink or swim during the holiday season, and they are moving from the planning to implementation phases of the holiday season now, with Black Friday just a few weeks away.

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  • Rethinking today’s attribution problem in digital marketing

    Attribution is the science behind assigning values to individual touch points throughout a customer’s decision journey. It’s not only a key driver in how we currently optimize marketing campaigns, but attribution is also used for media mix modeling and developing media budgets. Herein lies the problem: marketers tend to look at attribution within our own channel silo, so it’ ...

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  • Search takes to the cloud as users engage with new actions

    Hold on tight! Search is continuing to evolve, from queries typed into a search box on a desktop to a conversational experience using more natural language on a mobile device. A far cry from its early days, search is now pervasive, always with us no matter where we are: on our phones, in our cars, on our game consoles and on our TVs.

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  • Move over, text ads: How data feeds are driving new search experiences

    If you haven’t done it already, now would be a great time to take a fresh look — or even a first look — at how data feeds can reinvigorate your online marketing strategy and prepare your business for an undeniable shift in the search space. Structured data feeds are the silent drivers behind a new search experience centered around more conversational, localized and personaliz ...

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  • Searching for searchers: Audiences are the new keywords

    Search as we know it is changing, with keywords and match types giving way to a more audience-powered approach. It’s a transition that has been slowly coming, but now that remarketing and remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) are available on Bing and Google, search marketers can no longer afford to ignore audience-based buying.

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  • SMX West 2016 recap: A deep dive into beacons and how marketers can use them

    For experienced marketers looking for advice on how to leverage beacons and hyper-local targeting, “Beacons: The Opportunities, Limitations and How Marketers Can Use Them Today” was the panel to attend at Search Engine Land’s SMX West 2016. This session brought together seasoned industry veterans to discuss the basics of beacons and local targeting from a hardware and softwa ...

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