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  • Never A/B Test Without Doing These 2 Things First

    “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I’ll spend the first four sharpening the ax.” That quote, made famous by Abraham Lincoln, tells us a lot about how we should approach any A/B test… In fact, as Michael Aagaard points out in an Unbounce article: Running a series of random A/B tests on your landing page with no insight and no underlying hypothesis is like chargi ...

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  • A/B Testing Your Content Marketing Strategy

    If you make (or want to make) your income online, you probably already recognize that your content marketing strategy plays an important role in your success… But, did you realize that content (or information) is becoming more important than ever? It’s true because potential customers are seeking more and more information before making their buying decisions.

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  • Test Your Call to Action to Boost Conversions by 13%

    I came across an article recently called, “71 Things to A/B Test.” While this article is an amazing resource—stuffed with great ideas for what to test—it’s a little overwhelming… 71 things?! Eck! Where do you start? Especially if you’re a small business, operating without a full-time conversion optimization team, or an independent blogger? Where do you find the time and en ...

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  • 3 A/B Testing Pitfalls to Avoid

    When you read about A/B testing, it gets scary fast… A lot of words are thrown around… things like “qualitative data,” “confidence level,” and “statistically significant,” just to name a few. If you’re a small business owner—or tight on resources—maybe you’re avoiding A/B testing because you think it’s just too complicated… Source: Placeit.

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  • Start A/B Testing Today with 5 Simple Steps

    It’s often said, “If you’re not testing, you’re guessing.” Or, as Kathryn Aragon points out here: The trouble is, if we aren’t testing, we’re fooling ourselves. We don’t really know what works. We’re just guessing. But, did you know that not running the proper tests could be just as bad—or worse—than guessing? For instance, let’s say you tracked your conversation rates in March.

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  • 5 Simple Ways to Create Content That Converts

    You work hard creating, curating, collecting, and sharing content to market your business. But, are you missing critical elements when it comes to your content marketing strategy? In other words, is your content optimized to turn viewers into buyers? If not, you’ll get tons of people to read, share, and comment on your content… but it won’t add profit to your bottom line.

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  • Make Your Business Website Unforgettable with These 12 Tips

    Have you seen the Volvo Trucks video ad called, “The Epic Split”? The ad—currently the “most watched automotive commercial on Youtube ever!”—features Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two reversing trucks! This is something never done before and something you won’t soon forget … Plus, after watching the video demonstration, you’ll likely remember “the precision and directional st.

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  • 5 Tips for a Fresh Website

    As you probably know, the Internet is a constantly growing and evolving media platform. New information replaces old information on a daily basis. In fact, today alone, 109,426 .com domain names have been registered! That’s a lot of new content pouring on to the Web. This influx of new websites is a great reason to keep your own fresh website… After all, no one wants to i ...

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