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  • 5 Types of Likable, Shareable and All-Around Engaging Facebook Post Ideas

    When you post on your business’ Facebook page, a follower has so many ways they could respond. They could share the post, comment on it or like/love/wow it. But more often than not? They do nothing. Between Facebook algorithm changes and the amount of information everyone encounters daily, it has become increasingly challenging to get the attention of social media users.

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  • Our 12 Favorite Small Business Motivational Quotes for 2016

    We’re big fans of #MondayMotivation around here. If you go to our various Dex Media social platforms (Facebook and Twitter, for example), you’ll notice nearly every Monday we post a quote. I mean, who doesn’t love an uplifting quote to get them going on a Monday? I’m the one who selects these quotes, and I take that job very seriously.

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