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  • 5 Steps to Successfully Transition from a Blog to an Online Store

    There are countless of ways to make money online with your blog. And you may have launched your blog for this particular reason. However, there’s also a chance that you want to expand your sources of income online. Monetizing your blog using ads and affiliate links can only draw you so much.Therefore, you may want to consider making money with products you made instead of words you wrote.

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  • 5 Inspiring Blog Design Examples that Improved Readership

    The blog’s design can impact how a visitor sees the business. While high traffic can be what every blog owner wants to achieve, user-experience should first be the priority. UX, short for user-experience, is how a person feels when using or visiting your blog. To provide a great UX is to have a fast loading site, great design, and an opportunity for engagement.

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  • 4 Ways to Deepen Engagement with Your Blog Audience

    Traffic is meaningless if your blog performs poorly regarding reader engagement. It’s comparable to owning a ground floor store in a crowded mall, but failing to convert walk-in visitors into paying customers. In such a situation, you need to hatch strategies that focus on building the trust and confidence of your target market – on top of relentless promotion strategies tha ...

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  • How to Write Compelling Blog Content for Boring Niches

    Let’s get one thing straight: there are no “boring” niches. Some people are passionate about something that others will find annoying and vice versa. It does not necessarily make a niche boring by default. However, some niches are much more appealing than others to the public. For example, topics related to popular culture (movies, celebrities, lifestyle) will draw more att ...

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  • 5 Ways to Serve Up a Tastier Food Blog to Your Audience

    5 Ways to Serve Up a Tastier Food Blog to Your Audience April 14, 2017 by Christopher Jan Benitez Leave a Comment Food blogging has mushroomed in recent years so nowadays readers have more choice than ever. While everyone loves food, no one likes seeing similar types of blogs, much like no one likes eating the same thing every day.

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  • What WordPress Theme Design Is Perfect for Your Website?

    If you’re new to WordPress, it’s a good thing that you got in the game. Among the different CMSs available, WordPress has the most users: over 75 million and counting, all over the world. And there’s a good reason why. The ability WordPress gives you to customize your pages and to achieve the appearance you are looking for is what attracts a lot of users to the platform.

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  • 7 Ways for Your Underdog Blog to Beat the Competition

    With thousands of blogs vying for the same audience as yours, you need to find a way to edge out the competition. Some go the high road by spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on ads so their blog will predominantly appear in search results and social media news feeds. They’ll also allocate that budget to launch a sophisticated link building strategy that will attract ...

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  • The Exact Amount that You Must Spend on a Great Blog Is…

    If you want to succeed with your blog, you need to invest in it. You can’t just sign up on a free blogging platform and use free services and expect to rake in money.7 Just like a good investment, you need to put your hard-earned cash to work on your blog to see incredible returns. The question now is, how much should you spend on setting up your blog? This is an issue tha ...

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  • How to Make Better Landing Pages for Higher Conversions

    Building landing pages is one of the best things you can do for your lead generation campaign. If optimized correctly, landing pages will help you turn visitors into leads. However, everything in them must be spot-on to be effective in converting your audience. Below are ten tips you can apply right now to your landing pages to achieve higher conversions: 1.

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  • 5 Brazen Ways to Take Your Online Business to the Next Level

    So you’ve reached your earnings potential with your online business. You have sustained the highest profit for the past few months, and there’s no stopping you. You have been observing the best practices to optimize your sales and run your business smoothly. What’s the next step to take? Breaking through the glass ceiling, of course! There are no bounds to how much success y ...

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  • 6 Ways to Make Money on Craigslist in 2017

    Yes! I Love to Learn Want to learn step-by-step how I built my Niche Site Empire up to a full-time income? Craigslist has been around since 1995 and survived the tenuous online landscape. From the dot-com bubble to the social media craze, America’s favorite online classified ads is still alive and running.

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