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  • Work-Life Balance Tips to Keep You Happy as a Blogger

    Work-Life Balance Tips to Keep You Happy as a Blogger December 16, 2016 by Christopher Jan Benitez Leave a Comment Blogging is hard work. Some bloggers end up working 10 to 12 hour days. Of course, in addition to writing, bloggers often have to do SEO work, social media, networking, and many other things that can eat up the hours. Working all day, and weekends is not good for your health.

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  • 15 Security Tools for WordPress Blogs

    WordPress is undeniably the most popular Content Management System or CMS that helps DIY-bloggers build the site of their dreams. Unfortunately, its popularity also made it vulnerable to numerous security exploits. Plugins, for example, can be compromised due to code vulnerabilities and cause harm if installed to your WordPress blog.

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  • What is Keeping Your Blog from Making Money?

    As a blogger, you deserve to be compensated for all the work you have put in building and marketing your blog. Unfortunately, monetization never comes easy with any online endeavor. Blogging, in particular, requires you to generate a steady stream of traffic to make it sustainable. Apart from the lack of traffic, below are the most common reasons why you are not reaping the fu ...

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  • Easy Ways for Writers to Write More Articles

    Writing articles can take its toll on even the most productive writers and bloggers. As content creators, bloggers are fully aware of their responsibility to write unique and actionable content for their audience. It is through their articles that they are able to communicate their ideas to their readers, which in turn reciprocates by becoming your subscriber or client, depend ...

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  • Cheap Blog Design Hacks for Non-Designers

    You could argue that when it comes to writing, the essence is far more important than the presentation. But although this principle might work for textbooks and novels, it won’t for online blogs. Keep in mind that design is a major factor in user experience. Design affects the growth of your readership.

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  • Having Problems with Your Blogging Clients? Here’s What You Should Do

    In a perfect world, you would have no blogging client problems. Your clients would consistently be thrilled with your work, and your job would be fulfilling 100 percent of the time. Unfortunately, life as a freelancer does not always work out the way you would like. Clients get demanding. They can get mad when you set reasonable ground rules and might even threaten non-payment.

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  • The Importance of Social Proof Content to Marketers

    As marketers, we like to think we create all the impact. But we live in a world where users increasingly focus on social intentions, content, and comments from their peers. Social influence has to be an essential part of any marketing effort because app users and site visitors now expect to see social proof in place.

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  • How a CDN can be your Blog’s Secret Weapon

    The success of any online enterprise always revolves around one thing: user experience. Bear in mind that the online audience is pickier than you might think. They want relevant information to be presented in an organized fashion, they want the colors to be easy on the eyes, and they want your site’s navigation to be seamless.

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Write Effective Product Reviews

    In affiliate marketing, high ranking quality content does not matter if customers are not enticed to click the affiliate link. At the end of the day, affiliate marketing is about making sales and earning commissions to compensate for the effort you put into building a website, promoting it to the right audience, and producing compelling content.

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  • 7 Authority Hacking Tools To Quickly Grow Your Online Influence

    Establishing a successful online enterprise is a long journey, and building your site the right way is just half the battle. With lots of online brands smartening up by observing the best digital marketing practices to help promote their sites to the right audience, it is time to take a different route of getting your message across your target market to expedite the growth of your business.

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  • 5 Hosting Facts Every Blogger Newbie Should Know

    There are 5 hosting facts every blogger should know, but which are easy to overlook if you are a newcomer to the blogosphere. One of the first steps you need to take when building a blog is to register and host your very own domain. However, many newbies breeze through this process and overlook the importance of choosing a quality web host.

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  • 4 Content Marketing Hacks to Speed Up Blogging Growth

    As a blog owner, it is imperative that you make the most out of your digital assets. Since you are likely to have a limited budget, you have to be ROI-oriented and pursue new methods to maximize the value of everything you invest on. This includes your content. In the world of digital marketing, content means everything. It is the lifeblood of any marketing strategy – inbound or outbound.

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