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  • Hack Your DSLR For All-day Battery Life [Video Production Tip]

    I shoot video, not as much as I would like, but enough to run through a couple batteries when I am out doing it. I have three batteries, in fact, for my two-camera set up. But that means stopping and switching batteries and losing valuable time. What if there were a way that I could shoot continuously for 9+ hours with both cameras and still have everything as portable as po ...

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  • Top 5 Branded Video Campaigns Q1 2014

    Branded video had a lot of momentum coming out of Q4 2013 where it had the most views ever in its history with over 2.5B. While Q1 2014 was a bit more sedate, even with three major sports events in the quarter, it is still going fairly strong. Now before you peak inside, what branded video do you think was the most popular in the quarter? Here's a hint, it's only a month old ...

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  • Branded Videos Total Over 2.4B Views in Q1 2014

    Seems like only yesterday (it's really been a month) that I was talking about how 2013 was the year of the branded video. Now Visible Measures released their Q1 2014 Branded Video Report. So did branded video continue its momentous climb or has it tailed off into the sunset and called it a valiant effort? Visible Measures has the answers we seek.

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  • Late Night Best Time for Mobile Video Ad CTR, Completion Rate on Phones

    The Mobile Marketing Association's 2014 Mobile Video Benchmark Study offers some great insights into mobile video advertising including stats on completion rates and CTR for skippable and non-skippable mobile video ads. We have looked at Skippable Mobile Video Ad Completion Rates Low, CTR Near Non-skippable, and how Duration of Mobile Video Impacts CTR and Completion Rate Differently.

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  • Which Live Streaming Site Has 45M Viewers Per Month?

    You might not know it, but there is a single live streaming site out there boasting, on average, around 45 million viewers per month. You have most likely heard the name, or seen them on some chart or other. They have shown up in some articles here at ReelSEO and are involved in an industry that I used to work in.

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