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  • Vegan Lunch Ideas

    a bit about my Journey.... The day I became a vegan I stopped simply thinking about my health problems, cruelty to animals and the downward spiral of the environment and took action to improve each of these things. Changing from my traditional lifestyle to adopting a more respectful outlook for my body, animals and the world around me wasn’t easy, but the effort that I invest ...

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  • Vegan Cookie Recipes to Die For!

    My Vegan Cookie Story! Long before I became a vegan, a friend introduced me to the vegan lifestyle and a cookbook. I distinctly remember thinking, “How tasteless their meals must be!” I couldn’t imagine life without fast-foods and sugary desserts. Years later, I wholeheartedly chose to become a vegan and, much to my surprise, a new world of tastes opened up before me.

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  • Vegan Breakfast Recipes

    Breakfast is such an important meal. During the night, our brain activity decreases, muscles relax, blood sugar drops and our heart slows to allow our bodies to rest. A well-balanced breakfast delivers sugar and protein to the brain and muscles, waking them up and preparing them for work. Studies consistently show that eating breakfast improves endurance, concentration and th ...

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  • Vegan Dinner Ideas

    It’s the end of the day, you are on your way home from an exciting day at work and your mind turns towards dinner. The good news for my fellow veganites is that there is a whole world of ingredients out there to explore and dinner time can me one of the most exciting meals of the day. In this article, I want to explore some of my favorite vegan dinner ideas including some whi ...

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  • Fall in Love with the Best Vegan Recipes

    The Secret to Finding Wonderful Vegan Recipes... I am extremely passionate about all thing?s vegan, so much so that my friends are always asking me about my best vegan recipes - the truth is there are too many to count. One of the things I love about being vegan is all of the food. Being vegan has opened me up to new ingredients and new experiences – for example, discovering Ba ...

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