Chuck Sharp

  • How Business Leaders Can Overcome Burnout

    While walking out of the Southwest terminal at Dallas Love Field Airport the other morning, I saw a magazine cover that caught my eye. It read “How To Deal With Burnout.” I immediately wanted to read it. I’ve gone through phases in my career where I’ve been burned out; where I’ve felt anxious and depressed and lacked the motivation to do anything about it.

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  • Three Ways To Be A Data-Driven Thought Leader

    Four years ago, I saw something that changed my professional trajectory. My team built a marketing dashboard for a Fortune 50 company. The platform integrated 13 data sources into a data warehouse while supporting 26 different languages and thousands of users. One night, I decided to look at the usage logs, and I almost had a heart attack.

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  • 3 Ways To Avoid Information Overload

    I've heard and used the colloquialism "TMI" (short for "Too Much Information") in social situations plenty of times — like when my sister wants me to watch a YouTube video of an operation she's about to have on her finger. But I had never heard "TMI" used in a business setting until last week, when a data analystused it in a presentation to the CMO of a major retailer to desc ...

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  • Dodge Marketing Plan Doom With A Performance Framework

    One afternoon, I was sitting in the CEO's office a global agency when an urgent knock came from the door. The global account director was leading an emergency meeting with the agency's biggest client, and he was in a bind. The agency needed to retrofit a performance measurement plan for a $12 million marketing campaign that just wrapped up.

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