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  • 5 Ways Calls Can Reduce Search Marketers’ Cost Per Lead

    Proof of performance, attribution and lead acquisition costs are some of search marketers’ biggest challenges. Search marketing programs are generating leads, but how can they capture more of those leads? As authors Perry Marshall and Talor Zamir wrote in their book, “Ultimate Guide to Local Business Marketing,” “If you’re not tracking call conversion, then you’re missing ou ...

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  • Unlocking The Hidden Value Of Dynamic Number Insertion

    Dynamic number insertion (DNI) technology, often referred to as keyword-level call tracking, has been around for a while, with marketers effectively using it as an attribution tool for digital advertising. At its basic level, DNI involves replacing phone numbers within landing pages and websites based on how the person found the site.

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  • How Do Your Calls Rate?

    You may already be measuring the success of your marketing programs by tracking offline phone leads and using the data as proof of ad performance. If so, you rock! But do you really know how many of those calls are viable leads? Were the callers interested in more information? Were they calling to set up an appointment? Did they leave a voice mail? And which of these actions ...

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