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  • How to Find Freelance Writers Without Losing Your Mind

    Published 1 min ago 28 Telling your company’s story is a key piece of the marketing pie these days. To keep people engaged, you need to provide a steady stream of engaging, fresh content – and to do that you need writers. For small companies with a limited budget and resources, hiring a staff writer isn’t always realistic.

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  • 3 Scenarios When Pre-Outreach is Recommended

    Earned Media, Influencer Outreach, Media Relations, Relationship Building Pre-outreach can be a confusing concept, but as a content marketer, you’re responsible for managing the entire process. Pre-outreach encompasses everything from building sustainable relationships with editors, journalists and bloggers to refining your outreach strategy – and even producing promotional ...

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  • 5 Tips For Creating Click-Worthy Headlines

    As content creators, we spend hours writing, editing and re-editing our content before it goes live. We maintain extremely high standards for our work, making sure that the content we feature on our sites and social media profiles is high-quality, relevant and formatted perfectly for our audience. Unfortunately, many of us mistakenly overlook the most important part of content ...

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