Claire Thompson

  • Instagram: a Beginner’s Walkthrough

    Despite having been ‘on’ Instagram since who knows when, I haven’t ever really used it personally except to occasionally view the content shared by friends and colleagues. With so many social networks out there, I’ve never really felt the need, and as Flickr, Pinterest and even Tumblr are good for content ‘discovery’, I stick my hand up and say I’ve not really engaged with I ...

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  • The Customer Journey

    When training groups of digital/SEO specialists in PR principles recently, I’ve been amazed by how little thought is often given to the customer journey. But then I sat back and thought about it. When we look at what is measurable, and what Google says about the customer journey, it’s unsurprising that many people focus on the search from the time the customer comes online.

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  • Social, Stalkers and Spill Overs – Social Media Guidelines

    As agency heads push their teams to pursue more and more ‘social’, those who are newer to the environment will be less aware of the potential pitfalls. Even some of the most senior digital experts can be seen making some basic errors – and I know I’ve slipped personally on a few occasions. Don’t get me wrong: social media is a great place to be and TwitStorms still make the ne ...

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  • Putting The Pink in the Aisle – More Women in Tech

    Do we have a problem in the digital industry with a lack of female talent? Personally, I don’t believe there’s a shortage of talent, but I do believe that there’s an inherent lack of will to celebrate that talent. Of course, the digital industry is far from alone in this: Lana Del Rey’s ‘F*d my way to the top’ comments on the music industry (you can believe she did or accept t ...

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