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  • The Content Challenge of the Invisible Brand

    Published 1 min ago 34 You know it when you see it. The drama unfolds. It draws you in with a compelling story line. It presents a mystery or a dilemma. Here’s an example: It’s only at the very end – sometimes in the very last frame, sometimes just as product placement – that the brand is revealed. In this case it’s Choice Hotels. I’m calling this trend the Invisible Brand.

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  • 7 Steps to Cleaning Out Your Content Closet

    Published 1 min ago 44 Have you looked in your “content closet” lately? Do you like what you see? Is it something a progressive content fashionista would be proud of? Is it high quality, relevant content? Is it nicely tagged and arranged by your chosen taxonomy? Is it distributed across your channels in an even flow of views, shares, likes, posts and comments? Or, is it full of old stu.

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