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  • What will the future of Google search results pages look like?

    Recently, we took a nostalgic, infographic-based look back at the history of Google search results pages. In the past 20 years, Google has gone from a university project called Backrub to a global powerhouse that continues to shape how we search for, and discover, new information. And yet, these are still early days for Google.

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  • Actions for Google Home: Time for brands to get creative

    Google’s Home device was launched in November 2016 in the US, and as recently as April 6 2017 in the UK. As a direct rival to Amazon’s Echo in the battle to gain control of the intelligent digital assistant market, Home has made great strides already. Some sources estimate that Google may already have an installed base one-third the size of Amazon’s Echo, which launched in late 2014.

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  • What’s new with Earth? First impressions of the relaunched Google Earth

    Google has just re-designed, revamped and re-launched its Earth product, and it has certainly been worth the two-year wait. Earth is now built into Chrome, so there is no longer a need to download a cumbersome desktop app to access this global repository of images, videos, and knowledge cards. The Android app has been updated too, with support to follow soon for mobile browsers and iOS.

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  • Google launches Fact Check in search results worldwide

    After a tentative launch in October 2016, Google has released its Fact Check feature in search results worldwide. Google provided the following examples of Fact Check in action: We can see clearly the format taken: What the claim is, who made the claim, and whether the claim is verified by a reputable source.

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  • Google adds rich results for podcasts to SERPs

    On its Developers blog, Google stealthily launched some new guidelines for structured data to bring rich results for podcasts to search results. To date, this is only available via Google Home or the Google Search app v6.5 or higher on Android devices, but support for Chrome on Android is coming soon.

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  • A visual history of Google SERPs: 1996 to 2017

    Over the past 20 years, Google has revolutionized how we source information, how we buy products, and how advertisers sell those products to us. And yet, one fact remains stubbornly true: the shop-front for brands on Google is still the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The original lists of static results, comprised of what we nostalgically term ‘10 blue links’, have evolve ...

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  • Can Google get users on board with “shortcuts in search”?

    Google announced yesterday the launch of “shortcuts in search”, which will allow Android users (only in the US, for now) to access quick answers on a range of topics with the touch of a button. Fittingly, Google has termed these “tappable shortcuts” and they will lead searchers to instantaneous information on dozens of topics, including sports, restaurants, local amenities, and entertainment.

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  • Emoji appear in Google AdWords ads titles

    Emoji have been spotted in the wild in Google AdWords ads titles, giving rise to speculation that this option may be rolled out globally for all advertisers soon. We have seen this before, although prior instances of emoji in AdWords seemed to be caused by a loophole that allowed certain character combinations to pass through Google checks.

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  • How will Google’s new ‘Ad’ label impact marketers?

    Google started testing a new ‘Ad’ label in January this year, and late last week it was confirmed that this will now be rolled out globally. This white label with green text and a green outline will replace the green label that was launched in June 2016. The instant reaction to this is that the new labels fit in quite seamlessly with the rest of the paid placement, perhaps c ...

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