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  • Google AdWords: The Beginner’s Guide

    Google AdWords is a staple platform for the vast majority of digital marketing strategies. However, marketers need to get things right from the outset to avoid costly inefficiencies. This guide will provide everything you need to know to get an AdWords account up and running, and set for success. The digital marketing industry has grown in tandem with Google AdWords, to the e ...

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  • Share17 Chicago: The key themes and trends

    Digital marketers gathered in Chicago last week for Share17, an event hosted by SEO and content marketing platform BrightEdge. Share17 provided a welcome opportunity to take stock of where the industry stands, discuss common challenges marketers are facing, and consider the upcoming trends we should all aim to capitalize on.

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  • What is HTTP/2 and how does it benefit SEO?

    The HTTP/2 protocol was published in 2015 with the aim of creating a faster, more secure Internet. Adoption has been gradual and is ongoing, but there are clear benefits for marketers who make the upgrade. So what exactly is HTTP/2 and how does it affect SEO? The variety and quantities of information transferred on the Internet have changed dramatically in the past decade.

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  • The 5 best tools to develop a mobile-first SEO strategy

    Search marketers rely on tools to make sense of what it is a very complex, fluid environment. With the increasing importance of mobile, the list of tools grows even longer. Which platforms should search marketers use to devise a mobile-first SEO strategy? While we await the launch of Google’s mobile-first index, search marketers are aiming to capitalize on the growing quantity ...

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  • How does Bing’s voice search compare to Google’s?

    Google remains the dominant player in search marketing, but the industry is changing very rapidly and the old certainties may erode. Does voice search provide a platform for Microsoft to compete? A study earlier this year revealed that Microsoft’s speech recognition technology demonstrated only a 5.1 percent word error rate in Switchboard, a conversational speech recognition task.

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  • What is Google Stamp and what will it mean for marketers?

    Google is set to launch a competitor to Snapchat Discover, known as Google Stamp. This new product will bring with it a host of opportunities for publishers and advertisers alike, but it brings with it some challenges too. What do marketers need to know about this new service, and how successful will it be? Early in August, news leaked via the Wall Street Journal that Google ...

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  • Google Search Console: What the latest updates mean for marketers

    Google Search Console has long been a go-to platform for SEOs on a daily basis. It provides invaluable insight into how people are finding our websites, but also allows us to monitor and resolve any issues Google is having in accessing our content. Originally known as Google Webmaster Tools, Search Console has benefited from some significant upgrades over the past decade.

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  • What does Web 3.0 mean for search?

    The signs of fundamental change are all around us. Digital assistants reside within our living rooms, we consume Internet-based services everywhere, and we are creating data every second of the day. A sense pervades of being constantly connected through devices that communicate with each other. The experience of using the Internet is therefore markedly different to what it was 10 years ago.

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  • Google Analytics: Misunderstandings that hold marketers back

    Google Analytics (GA) has done more than any other platform to bring the practice of data analytics to the center of organizations. By offering a free-to-use, intuitive solution to businesses of any size, it has offered the promise of full transparency into customer behavior. Moreover, as part of the broader marketing analytics movement, it has helped shape the language we use daily.

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  • The best SEO influencers and resources to follow

    More than any other digital marketing discipline, SEO is a game of opinions. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy that guarantees success, and that leaves plenty of room for healthy debate. Given how profitable SEO can be when done well, the industry has spawned a vast array of influencers, dispensing morsels of invaluable insight that businesses can apply to their own strategies.

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  • The 15 best Google Chrome extensions for SEO

    Google Chrome has taken a dominant position as the world’s favorite desktop browser, with almost 60% market share and rising. Its central role among Google’s vast suite of digital software and hardware has driven this growth, but users also love how customizable the browser is. It can be dauntingly customizable, in fact.

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  • What do we know so far about Google’s new homepage?

    Google has released a new, feed-based mobile homepage in the US, with an international launch due in the next two weeks. This is perhaps the most drastic and significant update of the homepage (the most visited URL globally) since Google’s launch in 1996. The upgraded, dynamic entry point to the world’s biggest search engine will be available initially on mobile de ...

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  • Semantic Search: What it Means for SEO in 2017

    The combination of semantics (the science of meaning in language) with search engines that process billions of queries seems a very natural one. Semantic search has been effective, too; by understanding the intent of a query and the context of the user, the accuracy of results on search engines like Google and Bing has increased significantly.

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  • AdWords Editor 12: Everything you need to know

    Google has launched AdWords Editor 12, the latest upgrade to its essential software for sophisticated PPC practitioners. Complete with a new look and a raft of useful features, it is a welcome upgrade and marks the biggest improvement to the platform since version 11.0 launched in 2014. Below, we have summarized everything you need to know about AdWords Editor 12 and also del ...

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  • The 10 best Google Doodles of all time

    Since 1998, Google has used its homepage to host an invariably inventive ‘doodle’. The Google Doodle actually began its life as a humorous out-of-office message for the company’s co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. To let everyone know they had gone to the Burning Man festival, they placed the festival’s icon behind the second ‘o’ on their own company’s logo.

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