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  • What do we know so far about Google’s new homepage?

    Google has released a new, feed-based mobile homepage in the US, with an international launch due in the next two weeks. This is perhaps the most drastic and significant update of the homepage (the most visited URL globally) since Google’s launch in 1996. The upgraded, dynamic entry point to the world’s biggest search engine will be available initially on mobile de ...

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  • Semantic Search: What it Means for SEO in 2017

    The combination of semantics (the science of meaning in language) with search engines that process billions of queries seems a very natural one. Semantic search has been effective, too; by understanding the intent of a query and the context of the user, the accuracy of results on search engines like Google and Bing has increased significantly.

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  • AdWords Editor 12: Everything you need to know

    Google has launched AdWords Editor 12, the latest upgrade to its essential software for sophisticated PPC practitioners. Complete with a new look and a raft of useful features, it is a welcome upgrade and marks the biggest improvement to the platform since version 11.0 launched in 2014. Below, we have summarized everything you need to know about AdWords Editor 12 and also del ...

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  • Everything you need to know about visual search (so far)

    Visual search is one of the most complex and fiercely competed sectors of our industry. Earlier this month, Bing announced their new visual search mode, hot on the heels of similar developments from Pinterest and Google. Ours is a culture mediated by images, so it stands to reason that visual search has assumed such importance for the world’s largest technology companies.

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  • Google fined $2.7 billion by E.U. in anti-trust ruling

    Google has been fined a record $2.7 billion for a breach of E.U. anti-trust rules. The search giant was charged with giving “illegal advantages” to another Google product within search results in a case that started more than seven years ago. The case relates specifically to Google Shopping, Google’s increasingly profitable shopping comparison engine.

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  • A visual guide to Pinterest advertising

    Pinterest has slowly been building itself up as an advertising alternative to Google and Facebook over the past 12 months. The company’s focus has historically been on building an engaged user base through its intuitive, visual interface. As a social network, it has always offered something a little different.

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  • What will the future of Google search results pages look like?

    Recently, we took a nostalgic, infographic-based look back at the history of Google search results pages. In the past 20 years, Google has gone from a university project called Backrub to a global powerhouse that continues to shape how we search for, and discover, new information. And yet, these are still early days for Google.

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  • Actions for Google Home: Time for brands to get creative

    Google’s Home device was launched in November 2016 in the US, and as recently as April 6 2017 in the UK. As a direct rival to Amazon’s Echo in the battle to gain control of the intelligent digital assistant market, Home has made great strides already. Some sources estimate that Google may already have an installed base one-third the size of Amazon’s Echo, which launched in late 2014.

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  • What’s new with Earth? First impressions of the relaunched Google Earth

    Google has just re-designed, revamped and re-launched its Earth product, and it has certainly been worth the two-year wait. Earth is now built into Chrome, so there is no longer a need to download a cumbersome desktop app to access this global repository of images, videos, and knowledge cards. The Android app has been updated too, with support to follow soon for mobile browsers and iOS.

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