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  • 2016 SEO Strategy: How to Prepare

    2016 SEO Strategy: How to Prepare Posted: 02.01.2016 SEO in 2016 won’t look dramatically different than in 2015; recent trends will either be tweaked or accelerated. In this post, we’ll look at a couple of points of emphasis advertisers need to address at a deeper level in the months to come, and we’ll look at a slight directional shift in content. Let’s get started.

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  • Study: how is Mobilegeddon affecting accounts?

    Google’s already-infamous mobile algorithm update was pushed live on April 21st; reports are that it’s now fully rolled out. What many are calling Mobilegeddon is anticipated to have a larger impact than both Panda and Penguin – so we wanted to take an early look at how it’s affecting our clients.

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  • Six Big SEO What-Ifs for 2015

    As each year wraps up, predictions for the following year seem to be presented in opinionated waves highly mirroring each other. (“THIS IS THE YEAR FOR MOBILE!”) These can get pretty bland and boring. Rather than comprising a post based off of other posts (duh, that’s how all these duplicated opinion posts happen), why not just start a conversation? We’re all smart here, and ...

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  • SEO Checklist – Are you ready for the holidays?

    The holidays bring an influx of traffic to web properties, especially ecommerce-based web properties. Ensuring you’re putting your best foot forward prior to the traffic influx will allow both you and your customers to achieve the desired site experience. Even if your brand doesn’t host any holiday promotions, the sheer fact that users flock to the internet around the holida ...

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  • Is Google Really Downplaying Google+ Results in the SERPS?

    Is Google Really Downplaying Google+ Results in the SERPS? Is Google serious about removing Google+ clutter from SERPs? It seems so some days…and not so much on others. There's been chatter about Google downplaying Google+ results in the SERPs, and I’ve been studying my own searches lately to show how Publisher Markup for brands in the SERPs has been changing.

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  • 14 2014 SEO Myths and the Truths Behind Them

    Because of the relatively vague nature of SEO – relative to paid channels, that is – the field is more open than others to opinions…which can start off informed but, without checks and balances, can morph into myths over time. But the field evolves like crazy, so yesterday’s myths aren’t the same as today’s myths.

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