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  • The Grim Specter of SEO Past – Happy Halloween from Portent

    We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog to bring you this Halloween-themed SEO lesson. When your team is full of brilliant SEOs and digital marketers, Halloween bake-offs (and pretty much every other holiday function) risk getting into the deep end of the nerd pool pretty quickly. The Portent team had already put together a blog post for today, but when SEO Strategist A ...

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  • Content Strategy as Competitive Advantage

    One of the fundamental concepts of formal business strategy is how to create sustained competitive advantage. Today, we wanted to look at how that relates to content strategy and content marketing. My hope after you read this post: You think really, really hard before you take shortcuts on your content.

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  • Shopify SEO in Six Simple Steps

    First order of business, this is a pretty long post on Shopify SEO best practices. Here’s what you’re gonna get. Contents Shopify SEO Basics Introduction Shopify URLs Shopify Title Tags Meta Description Image Alt Navigation 301 Redirects Wrap up Shopify SEO Basics Warning: This is not a full-bore Shopify tutorial, this is a deep walkthrough of the SEO ...

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  • Mixed Emotions – Facebook grapples with the art of surfacing sentiment

    Amazon and Google are duking it out for your voice-controlled living room for some very specific, obvious reasons. I’m going to go out on a limb on one: whoever does the best job of quantifiably surfacing sentiment from users across digital mediums will win. And by “win,” I mean like everything. The new car, the camper-trailer, the jet-skis, naming rights to the next planet…everything.

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