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  • 7 Landing Page Form Tips to Increase Lead Generation

    Creating an effective landing page form can be tricky. You want to encourage people to submit their contact information, but you don’t want to be too pushy. You’d like to know everything about each lead you are generating, but they’re only willing to tell you so much. So how can you create landing forms that convert more visitors into leads? Let these seven tips guide you to ...

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  • 5 Landing Page Tips To Maximize Your Lead Gen Advertising Budget

    Assembling an eye-grabbing image, compelling copy and an urgent call to action is only the first step in a strong lead generation ad campaign on social media; what comes after the click is just as important. Landing pages serve a simple purpose: persuade people to fill out a form to receive an offer that is valuable to them.

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  • Mobile Advertising in the News

    These days, marketers are well aware of mobile advertising’s rapid growth. New data from Business Insider shows that mobile is the fastest growing ad format, hands down. Check out the graph to the right to see how revenue from mobile advertising is forecasted to stack up against non-mobile in the coming years.

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