corey dilley

  • A Simple but Effective Framework for Landing Page Information Hierarchy

    Some marketers do an excellent job of laying out information on their landing page so that it tells a story in a way the reader needs to hear it. Not only does that yield awesome conversion rates, it creates an experience for the reader that feels effortless. Other times, information is presented in a way that feels disjointed or out of order.

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  • Here’s the Marketing Strategy Brief Unbounce Uses for Every Campaign

    Image source. When you have a small team, running marketing campaigns is relatively smooth. The right hand always knows what the left hand is doing, communication comes easily and bottlenecks are few and far between. But as marketing teams grow, things can get rough (to say the least). As Director of Campaign Strategy at Unbounce, I’ve experienced this first-hand.

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  • 12 Beautiful Landing Page Templates Designed Just For You

    When some people hear the word “template” they think “cookie cutter” or “off the shelf” or other euphemisms for “dull and unoriginal.” But designing a great landing page template is no easy feat. You want it to be beautiful. You want it to be delightful. And most of all, you know that marketers need it to convert.

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