Cori Shirk

  • Bulk GMB Insights Reporting: What It Means For You & Your Business

    Enterprise users of Google My Business, rejoice! Late last week, Google rolled out the ability to download Insights data, in bulk, straight from your dashboard. With no access to the API required, this new feature enables a whole new set of users to measure and report on the performance of their listings within Google Search and Google Maps.

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  • Google Testing New Layout for Mobile Local Search Results

    Google has made it pretty obvious that it’s prioritizing mobile user experience this year. Over the weekend, I noticed an update to local results on my phone: Before: After: The updated layout (pictured on the right) showcases a sleeker design and offers a much more seamless user experience. Note that organic search results are no longer visible without scrolling! When you ...

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  • Goodbye Google+ Local, Hello Google My Business!

    Anyone who has attempted to keep a pulse on Google’s local product offering has probably noticed that it’s been going through somewhat of an identity crisis over the last two or so years. Google Places Google Places for Business Google Plus Local Google’s local platform has been through so many updates recently that it’s hard to keep track of what it’s even called, let alone be ...

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  • The Best Chrome Extensions for SEO (and Life In General)

    Having grown up with the internet for most of my memorable life, I’ve seen my share of browsers come and go (and, in some cases, unfortunately not go…) But Chrome is, by far, my favorite. The best part about Chrome is its customizability. I have 13 different “users” set up on my browser (how’s that for a split personality?), each tied to a different Google account, and each wi ...

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