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  • How to Reach and Resonate with the Millennial Audience

    According to Forbes, Millennials are 62% more likely to become a loyal customer to brands which engage and interact with them on social media. This statistic emphasizes yet again how important it is that a company maintain a digital presence, especially if they are targeting Millennials. Companies must be careful, though because the Millennials are a smart lot and can identi ...

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  • A Guide to Better SEO Reputation Management

    Online marketing specialists spend lots of time offering advice on how to manage online reviews and ratings for local businesses. However, the reputation of your business can extend well beyond the reviews you get on Google and Yelp. Keep Up With Your Social Media Accounts Building out your social media accounts is critical.

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  • The Best Local SEO Practices 2016

    With more people performing searches on their phones, local SEO is bigger than ever and more important to businesses than ever before. These tips are there to create a smoother and smarter SEO effort in 2016 – take a look at these tips. The Trends Say, “Go Mobile!” Having a mobile-friendly campaign is not just to appeal to your target demographic better, it is the only way to market.

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  • 10 Helpful Tips For Local SEO And Online Marketing

    Increasing numbers of mobile searches and also a real focus from Google in offering local search results when applicable – getting on top of local SEO is a must for any business with a local footing. So, how do you rank well in your immediate geographic area? Well, we’ve come up with some great tips on how to increase your chances of doing so.

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  • How to Improve your Twitter Click Through Rates – The Basics

    Over the last few years, Twitter has skyrocketed in popularity with individuals and businesses alike. Now with over 300 million active users, Twitter has proven itself to be one of the big players on the social media field and is one of the best social networks for driving traffic to websites. Despite this, very few Twitter users take the time to think about exactly how big ...

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  • 11 Tips for an Awesome eCommerce Website

    Are you new to the e-commerce genre? Are you looking for the best tips to help you succeed? Here are some of the best e-commerce SEO tips that will guarantee success for your business. Keyword Research An average internet market will spend at least 60% of his/her time doing research looking for new information.

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  • Customer Mail – How to Get it Right

    You’ve connected with your customer, sealed the deal, now don’t fall at the last hurdle. In recent years, there has been an influx of online businesses and commerce stores that trade solely online. This, in turn, has signalled an increase in the amount of items, invoices and general business mail being posted all over the world.

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  • 7 Ways to Get a Better Idea of What Your Customer Wants

    Customer feedback is an essential element of any business’ progression, and for the corporation who pays little attention to what can be ever changing customer opinion there can be a slippery slope to failure that awaits ahead. Finding out what your customer wants needn’t be an overly tricky or expensive task, however.

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  • What is the Biggest Mistake Newbie Affiliate Marketers Make

    Starting an affiliate website seems very tempting, and a lot of people find significant success in doing so. However, it can be a bit of a steep learning curve and can take time and effort to figure out, which means wasting time and money. Experience is the best way to learn, so we asked some online marketers with experience in affiliate marketing their biggest mistakes.

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  • 10 Tips for Awesome Email Automation

    Due to falling Facebook reach and the fact SEO is increasingly risky – it’s no surprise that email marketing is set to have a very strong 2015. To take full advantage of email marketing you have a plan. This requires you to tailor your approach and for example avoid the traditional faux pas of sending random mass emails at any time you feel.

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  • 10 Tips for Better Cart Abandonment Emails

    Cart abandonment is a part and parcel of all ecommerce; however the way you deal with it is what separates a good business from a great business. By approaching cart abandonment in the right way you can prevent numbers of lost sales and sell more products. In fact, studies have shown that in some instances card abandonment is around 67%, so even making a 10% dent in this can ...

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  • 7 SEO On-site Factors Businesses Need to Understand and Implement

    If you build it they will come. That’s what a lot of people think in regards to websites and visitors, though sadly it’s not true. It’s something a lot of small business site owners don’t realise and often a crippling factor for businesses that rely heavily on Internet leads. Search engine visibility does not come with a website design alone.

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  • 5 Ways to Personalize your Customers’ Experience

    Highly personalized customer experience is the future of business and more specifically, of top quality customer service. A large number of businesses are now going online-only and as more sales and marketing work is done digitally rather than in the real world, it is important that companies learn how to be effective in this area.

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  • 7 Things All Great Brands have in Common

    A business’s brand is the way people perceive that business – in essence your brand is your business. Brands and perceptions of brands are created in a number of manners – from your messaging on social media, to your website design and content. A holistic approach is a winning approach when it comes to branding, however not all businesses succeed in accomplishing this all-in ...

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  • A Closer Look at iBeacons

    You may or may not have heard about iBeacons. Well, if not, you probably should pay attention. IBeacons are small gizmos around the size of a matchbox. They’re essentially exactly what they’re called – a beacon that provides ‘I’ or information. How do iBeacons work? Needless to say the iBeacon needs to be triggered and in this case the trigger is the smart phone.

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