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  • Seven simple rules for effective email communication and outreach

    Communication is key to success in life. No matter your industry, field, career, day-to-day responsibilities, or duties, communication is integral to your success. This is particularly true in SEO and link building, where communication is vital to educating clients, gaining buy-in, executing campaigns, securing links, and presenting results.

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  • What are the true goals of link building campaigns?

    What is the goal in building links? Obviously links are the goal in link building. Right? Well, not exactly. Links are an important metric to track, because without links your campaign is obviously failing. But links alone aren’t the goal. We don’t build links for the sake of links (or at least we shouldn’t), but rather because of what the links accomplish and what they represent.

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  • 2016 link building survey: five important takeaways

    Links are still one of the most important ranking factors in Google search. This was confirmed as recently as March, when Andrey Lipattsev, a Senior Quality Senior Strategist at Google, revealed links, content, and RankBrain as the top three most important ranking factors. This wasn’t surprising information (at least to SEOs), but it was an important confirmation.

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  • Three steps to promoting linkable assets for shares, links and relationships

    Securing links doesn’t happen by creating linkable assets, it happens by promoting linkable assets to relevant, engaged site owners. If you’re creating content, involved in content marketing, or crafting a content strategy, you should be devoting resources to content promotion. And a consideration within that content promotion should be links.

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  • How to find linkable assets on large enterprise sites

    Research is one of the most important elements of a strong link campaign. Research will help you determine opportunity, craft a proposal, set proper client expectations, and guide your overall link strategy. Without doing proper research, link acquisition is inefficient and often unsuccessful. Today I’m going to cover an important portion of the research phase: how to effi ...

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  • Scaling Link-Building: Sustainable Practices for Enterprise Clients

    Enterprise clients operate at a very competitive scope, and need links to help fuel their online marketing. Once overlooked, large brands are learning that it takes a strategic and intentional approach to secure the links they need in their online marketing. Moz and BuzzSumo recently released a study that analyzed 1,000,000 articles, and found no correlation between social shares and links.

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  • Enterprise Link Acquisition for Top of the Funnel Marketing

    Links are integral to the web, fundamental to SEO, and yet, even big companies are failing to secure the links they deserve. Simply being a large company with brand recognition isn't enough to rank for everything. It helps, but despite a robust backlink profile, these companies still often have valuable assets that aren't getting the links they need and deserve, and are subse ...

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  • Link Quality: 50+ Questions to Ask

    One of the worst mistakes new SEOs and site owners make is trying to take shortcuts in link acquisition. The Penguin algorithm, launched more than three years ago now, has drastically improved Google's ability to algorithmically detect and punish sites with manipulative links. Google's ability to detect such links continues to improve every year.

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  • Why I Will Continue to Use the Term Link Building

    Last week, Dave Davies wrotee a column entitled, "Why I Shall No Longer Use The Term Link Building." This is, as you may have guessed, a rebuttal to that column. I've never personally interacted with Dave Davies, but I know he's an intelligent guy with more experience in the search realm than myself. And his post wasn't about the death link building - just why he's moving away from the term.

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  • A Marketer's Plea: Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Links

    SEOs, content marketers, and online marketers in general have slowly pushed the message that it's wrong to ask for links. It's seen as manipulative and unnatural. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. This undermining of links is a two-pronged approach. On one hand, as a community we're commonly pumping out the message that asking for links is asking for trouble.

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  • What Is Link-Building, and Why Does It Matter in 2015?

    I’ve spent the last three years of my life professionally obsessed with links. My agency’s primary specialization is link-building, but it’s often impossible to build links if the site itself isn’t well optimized, and furthermore less likely to have the desired impact. Link-building is the majority of what we do, but we have to do everything in between in order to really mak ...

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