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  • Should you hire a mobile marketing agency or keep it in-house?

    As my department at 3Q Digital grows, I get the chance to talk to a lot of people across a variety of verticals, responsibilities, levels and points of view (sellers, buyers and decision-makers). Invariably, the first questions across the table are the all-too-familiar “But do I really need an agency? Can’t I do it myself? Can’t I hire a few smart kids to do Google and Facebo ...

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  • The ins, outs and industry effects of Apple’s Limit Ad Tracking changes

    Apple’s iOS 10 update was a huge shot across the bow in the mobile advertising world. Apple rolled out search ads in the iOS App Store to all US users, but another updated feature has put search ads in perspective as part of a bigger plan and has simultaneously sent ripples through the rest of the industry. What are we talking about? “Limit Ad Tracking,” or “LAT” for short.

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  • Keyword-driven ASO: a quick primer

    Remember the good old days of simply optimizing your site for the search engines? According to Apple, 65 percent of all iOS app discovery takes place via organic in-store (iTunes) search. If app discovery is a big part of your business model, you need to invest as much nuance and creativity as possible to organically grow your app in the app stores (iTunes and Google Play) t ...

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  • Mobile ad networks: Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em (a survival guide)

    Mobile ad networks are one big reason mobile remains one of the hardest facets of digital marketing to master. We can’t scale without them because most mobile media is purchased through them, but they are a huge source of headaches, since they tend to be black boxes. Mention “networks” to a good share of mobile marketers, and you’ll get a glare; all too often, it feels like ...

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  • What You Need to Know about Apple’s Massive iOS 10 Release

    Even if you don’t know all the details of the iOS 10’s new features and capabilities, you know the new release was a whopper. We’re going to call out the most significant updates and releases, let you know how we view their implications on both the product and growth sides of your app’s development, and give you some details into how they work.

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  • Unlock Your App’s Performance: a Guide to SDKs

    Unlock Your App’s Performance: a Guide to SDKs Posted: 06.06.2016 Marketing & Analytics SDKs (software development kits) are tool kits that marketers ask the development team to integrate into a mobile app’s code; they allow marketing and product teams to run effective acquisition and retention campaigns and to build a healthy and profitable native app business.

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  • How to choose the right KPIs for your mobile campaigns

    How to choose the right KPIs for your mobile campaigns Posted: 06.02.2016 As we previously explored, even the smartest digital marketers tend to make a ton of mistakes when it comes to mobile campaigns. We’re going to give some insights into fixing one of the very first mistakes they make: choosing the wrong KPIs.

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  • 21 Reasons Good Mobile Agencies Are Worth Every Penny

    21 Reasons Good Mobile Agencies Are Worth Every Penny Posted: 06.01.2016 Most mobile agency folks I know have a pretty healthy sense of self (raising hand). And you know why we’ll gladly wear the title of ninjas, sherpas, wizards, etc.? Because, more than perhaps any other digital marketers, we can transform a PILE of data from a confusing swirl of possible KPIs into revenu ...

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  • How to tailor your app display ads to targeted segments

    Segmentation is picking up steam as one of the biggest digital marketing buzzwords of 2016, and it’s proven to be highly effective in smart brands’ creative strategies. In this post, we’ll take a look at some tenets — and good examples — of putting segmentation to work in your app ad creatives. First, we’ll dive into some of the distinguishing factors in app creatives.

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  • Most Mobile Marketers Are Using Location, But How Do You Do It Right?

    The cat is definitely out of the bag regarding location-based mobile targeting. This post from Marketing Land’s Greg Sterling encapsulates the trend well: Most mobile marketers are using location-based targeting, and they’re using it as a proxy for audience segmentation. Although I think this trend needs to go from “most mobile marketers” to “all mobile marketers” sooner rat ...

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