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  • The brand fallout for the NFL and beyond from the Ray Rice case

    The NFL has a serious brand problem on its hands. The $10 billion sports league is grappling with the fallout from its handling of the domestic abuse case of (now former) Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice. The NFL’s made a show of courting women, most notably with its breast cancer awareness program, but now it’s in the position of scrambling to explain its initial lenien ...

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  • Zara is the latest retailer to spur social media outrage over Holocaust-tinged items

    Trend-setting fashion brands are hardly strangers to controversy. Sometimes they court it purposefully, other times it can be the result of a social media faux pas. In the case of high-end fashion brand Zara though, it was a product that crossed a line: a poorly designed piece of clothing that has caused a bit of outrage, especially in the Jewish community.

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  • General Mills hacks portrayal of fathers with #HowToDad

    Dads have not seen themselves portrayed positively in advertising for quite some time. To this day, companies like Lowe’s (and LG, and many others) insist on portraying fathers as hapless buffoons, giant adolescents who cannot manage children efficiently. As with any stereotype, these caricatures may have a grain of truth to them somewhere in their murky origins.

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  • 4 steps the Redskins should take to rebrand

    A certain football team based in Washington D.C. is being forced to make a decision today that many argue it should have made decades ago. The “Redskins” trademark has been cancelled by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Sack. Fumble. With that, the team owned by Dan Snyder (who has adamantly, steadfastly refused to budge on the name) has an opportunity here to no ...

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  • The ‘Hunger Games’ approach to hiring media interns

    Katlyn Hayes held no fewer than six internships at various agencies during her college career. Today, the ad ops specialist at Emmis Digital explains her thinking succinctly: “Competition breeds excellence.” Like a growing number of companies these days — especially in the digital space — Emmis recently hired a few new interns using some unorthodox social media-heavy methods.

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  • How Chobani failed with the #howmatters hashtag

    You know that queasy feeling you get when you look at a yogurt in the back of the fridge with an expiration that pre-dates the previous World Cup? That’s precisely the feeling many consumers are feeling right now for Chobani, one of leading yogurt brands. After experiencing their first ever recall last year, the brand, which is normally quite clever in its social media approac ...

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  • When brand ambassadors become brand villains

    Social media is a fickle beast. One stray comment can erupt into a backlash potentially destroying your brand’s reputation and body of work. Case in point: when you are the screenwriter for cerebral, brooding comic book movies, it is a general rule of thumb not to bite the hand that feeds you. David S.

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