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  • 4 ways to win the inbox in 2017

    For email marketers, a new year provides a fresh start and an opportunity to outperform the year before. But anyone in the marketing game knows that things move fast: Your tried and true solutions likely aren’t evergreen, and the cutting-edge trends that were all the rage last year are already standard practice.

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  • Why the best email marketing happens when you don’t hit “send”

    When done right, an automated email is like a breath of fresh air in the inbox. It’s relevant, personalized and timely — everything your subscribers want when they sign up for your email list. And for marketers, it’s a beautiful thing: They can save time, deliver a great inbox experience and drive top-notch results without ever hitting “send.

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  • Deliver more value to the inbox: 4 dos and don’ts

    Email offers the best return on investment when compared with every other digital discipline, with 68 percent of marketers surveyed by Econsultancy rating it either “excellent” or “good” at delivering ROI. But far too many brands aren’t seeing that kind of return in the inbox because they’re not taking advantage of everything email has to offer.

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