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  • Google My Business Looks to the Future

    Aditya Tendulkar has been with Google for 7 years and currently serves as Product Manager for the Google My Business API. He’s a familiar presence if you follow the Google Maps blog, and about as close to the source as you can get when it comes to the strategic direction of Maps and Google My Business.

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  • The New Local Ecosystem: An Interview with Darren Shaw

    If you know anything about local search, you know the Local Search Ecosystem chart, first published by David Mihm on GetListed.org back in 2009. Often called the “spaghetti chart” due to the dizzying number of interrelationships it depicts, the chart is a go-to marketing tool for explaining the complexity of local search and the flow of data between aggregators and publishers.

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  • The ABCs of Reputation Management for Brands

    You’d be surprised. Every multilocation brand today has a social media agency or department, and most, though not all, are running some type of local listings management program, whether internally or with a partner. But plenty of brands are neglecting to do anything about online reviews of local stores.

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  • Understanding How Google Measures Store Visits

    At the LSA Place conference in New York last week, Google’s Kishore Kanakamedala, director of online-to-offline solutions, offered a rare glimpse into the procedure Google uses to link online ads to offline store visits. Since the launch of store visit metrics in late 2014, Google has occasionally pulled back the covers to discuss how attribution works, and the presentation ...

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  • Foursquare Data Shows Up Today in More Places Than You’d Think

    Foursquare has come a long way since its launch in 2009 as a pioneer of the check-in. I remember it well. Along with competitor Gowalla, which got absorbed into Facebook in 2012, Foursquare made quite a splash with the novel concept that users could click a button to share their location with friends and compete for badges and the much-coveted position of “mayor” at a local venue.

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  • 2017: A Year of Experimentation for Google Local Search

    For local search on Google, the theme of 2017 has been experimentation. Even more than usual, Google has been trying on new features this year in a seeming effort to push the envelope of local in several directions at once. For marketers and local businesses, it’s always a challenge to keep track of the search giant’s frequent shifts in policy in policy, procedure, and terminology.

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  • What Will Amazon Do With Whole Foods?

    It’s been nearly two months since Amazon announced its intent to acquire the Whole Foods chain for $13.4 billion — or $13.7 billion according to some sources. Whatever the figure, the acquisition, expected to close later this year upon regulatory approval, is by far the largest in Amazon’s history, and represents a watershed moment in the overall history of online retail.

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  • Snapchat Expands Its Foray Into Local with Snap Map

    In my last column, I talked about some early signs that Snapchat had begun thinking seriously about the geographical layer of its user experience. Snaps capture moments in time, but they also occur at specific places. With 166 million daily active users and an average of 3 billion Snaps per day, Snapchat is building a massive database of user activities, and place is a factor in all of them.

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  • Is Snapchat Quietly Redefining Local?

    The news broke this week that Snap, Inc., Snapchat’s parent company, has acquired Placed, a well-known startup in the online-to-offline attribution space. Snapchat’s previously launched Snap to Store initiative, covered in an eye-opening Wall Street Journal piece in April, was already positioned to deliver some powerful data around the performance of ad campaigns, in particula ...

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  • Charting Google’s Shifting Priorities in the New Local Search Survey

    For nearly ten years, the Local Search Ranking Factors report, created by David Mihm, has been recognized as the authoritative source of tactics that cause local businesses to rank highly in Google local results. Rather than attempting a statistical study or some other empirical method, Mihm decided to survey local SEO experts in order to garner feedback about which tactics w ...

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  • The Usability Gap: Designing the Right Products for SMBs

    Small business owners remain the great untapped segment for local marketing solution providers. There are 28 million small businesses in the United States. By any estimate, only a fraction of them are served today by any local marketing provider, despite overwhelming evidence that effective performance in local channels leads directly to increased store visits and top-line revenue.

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  • Optimizing for Mobile Search: New Tips and Old Tricks

    The other day I had the opportunity to join Greg Sterling of LSA in co-presenting a webinar on tactics for local search optimization on mobile. I thought I’d use this column to review and expand on some of the ideas I shared in the webinar. A lot of what I have to say on the topic of optimization for mobile search will sound familiar to anyone who has been around listings man ...

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  • Google’s Pragmatic Approach to the Truth, and Its Pitfalls

    I’ve been on an ethics kick recently – this is the third column with that general theme – and I suppose it’s the inevitable result of being inundated each and every day with the raw details of our current political situation, presenting as it does dizzyingly frequent opportunities for public figures and private citizens to take ethical stands on subjects ranging from education to the environmen.

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  • What Does It Mean to Practice Local SEO Ethically?

    The question in this column’s headline has been on my mind lately, prompted in part by the recent announcement of the LSA’s new Digital Marketer Certification Program. As part of their announcement, the LSA notes that small businesses today get an average of 24 calls every month from marketers trying to sell them something.

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  • New AIs Offer Surprisingly Traditional Results for Local

    Bold predictions make good copy. I’m as guilty as the next person; asked for predictions about local search in 2017, for Street Fight and elsewhere, I found myself channeling the zeitgeist and suggesting that with the advent of voice search, we’d see an inevitable trend toward specific queries with specific answers, and thus the death of the ten blue links of search and all th ...

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  • Snapchat, Uber, and the Implications of Machine Learning

    Machine learning is slowly but surely becoming a ubiquitous presence in digital technology, one that is likely already having an impact in local search. To understand its importance in consumer technologies today, consider the case of Snapchat Lenses. Lenses are those wacky overlays in Snapchat that make you and your friends look like puppy dogs or fairies wearing flower wreaths.

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