Dan Barker

  • Fenwick: 10 tips for a potential ecommerce giant

    Why would a department store close their online store while building a new one? And, having done that, what should the company do to make sure the relaunch maximises the opportunity? Here are 10 suggestions for one particular retailer doing exactly that. Fenwick was one of the last 'big' department stores to start selling online. And now... it's stopping.

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  • How many web users are aware of Google's PPC ads?

    Did Google make £3.768bn from users who had no idea they were being advertised to? Here's a study of 2,000 people where we try to find the answer to that question & more. You may remember two studies which found that 40% of people did not understand that Google ads were ads in 2013, and that 36% still don't understand that Google AdWords are ads in 2014.

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