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  • Email Signature Marketing: the Newest List Growth Tactic

    Published 1 min ago 29 In digital marketing, there are few assets more valuable than an email address. Businesses and digital marketers alike have a greater chance of engaging and converting a customer or prospect when leveraging email through relevant one-to-one communication. Examples of such communication include an email newsletter, a daily promotion, a personalize ...

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  • 3 Ways to Use Email Signatures for Content Promotion

    Published 1 min ago 22 There is no denying that email continues to be a critical communication modality for businesses. In fact, rather than shrinking, email usage is expected to continue to grow upwards of six percent per year for the foreseeable future. Email is inextricably woven into the way we do business – in essence, it’s the database of our personal and professional lives.

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  • Marketing and Email Signatures: A Love Story

    Image via BigStockPhoto.com Let’s explore a marketer’s relationship with the corporate email signature. Like a grade school girl being chased and teased by the boys at recess, the marketer first views the signature as simply annoying. But eventually, she harnesses the potential of the email signature and falls in love. Let’s call our 3rd grade boy Billy, and his crush will be Jill.

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