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  • Always think through the consequences of your content

    Some people court controversy. It’s how they make their living. They like upsetting people, stirring up trouble and making headlines. And good luck to them; at least if it all goes wrong they generally experience the consequences directly and personally. But when you’re a brand — whether you’re a corporate entity or a charity — finding yourself embroiled in controversy can cos ...

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  • Why blogging regularly still works for business

    It’s a simple truth: Blogging, and blogging regularly, still works for business. It’s easy to get distracted by social media channels, apps, and whatever concept is the centre of the latest marketing buzz — virtual reality, perhaps. But when it comes to engagement, sometimes keeping it simple provides the best results.

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  • Become a better brand writer with this top tip

    Writing is one of those tasks a lot of people hate to do. They sit there staring at the blank page, unable to start, knowing what they want to say but unable to put it in words, finding ways to distract themselves, and getting themselves into a muddle. If that’s you, I have a neat trick to help you get started more confidently.

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  • 10 awesome podcasts and why they’re so great

    There’s something intimate about listening in to a conversation between a good interviewer and a fascinating subject. It’s why radio is still such a fabulous medium and, I believe, it’s why podcasts have proven to be so successful, too. They stimulate the imagination in a way that more visual media, like television, does not. It is a brilliant medium for excellent storytelling.

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  • Quality and productivity: The right writer matters

    In his newsletter last week one of the godfathers of content marketing, Robert Rose, mentioned a statistic in a report from Orbit Media he’d stumbled across. The average time it takes to write a blog post, according to the report, is 3.5 hours. Three-and-a-half hours! And that’s the average so, presumably, some writers are taking much longer than that.

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  • New report shows how to become a content champion

    No one becomes a champion by accident. OK, so there was that Steven Bradbury guy at the 2002 Winter Olympics, but how often do we really win in life because all our competitors have stacked it onto the ice? People only become champions in their field because they’ve found something they love and they’ve stuck with it.

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  • How to use content marketing to build brand loyalty

    Which brands are you loyal to? I mean properly loyal. The ones where, even if they’re more expensive, even if you have to drive across town to get to them, you’ll stick with them. The brands you’ll not only recommend, but go to bat for if someone’s criticising them. Now ask yourself, “why?” Why are you so loyal? I asked this question of some Twitter followers recently.

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  • CMI’s report proves quality is key to content success

    Here’s something I believe to be an absolute truth: Producing higher quality content is guaranteed to increase the success of your content marketing. Now I’m a journalist by profession, so I have a bias towards high-quality content. And obviously other factors are important, too, like a good strategy for amplification and distribution. But it’s the quality of the content I really believe in.

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  • Why having an elevator pitch trumps winging it

    The moderator in the third US presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had a surprise for the candidates. While both had declined to prepare a closing statement ahead of the debate, he asked them to deliver one anyway. What followed was a lesson in the importance of having an ‘elevator pitch’.

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  • Content marketing is an ethical option for old journos

    A little while back I wrote an article reassuring journalists — more and more of whom are being made redundant from shrinking newsrooms — that there really was life after journalism. In it I recommended a career in content marketing, explaining that our skills as journalists are very much in demand.

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  • Credit where it’s due: Don’t fall foul of copyright law

    Copyright laws weren’t created for the digital age. Technology and internet connectivity have radically changed the production of cultural material — and it is easier than ever for an individual to have an idea, record it in words, images or sound and then release it to the world. Did you like that intro? I was pretty pleased with it. It’s beautifully crafted.

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  • Here’s why the post-truth era can’t extend to marketing

    There’s no Trade Practices Act for politics. And that’s a shame. We now live, or so we’re told, in an era of “post-truth politics”: A time when politicians can literally say anything and, if they’re called out on it, are not only unrepentant but go on to repeat the lie as if it were the truth. We’ve seen it in the US election with repeated claims by Donald Trump — who among o ...

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  • Brand Newsroom 100: The biggest content lessons of all

    Brand Newsroom 100: The biggest content lessons of all James, Nic and Sarah. In the 100th episode of Brand Newsroom the team takes a look back at some of the biggest lessons learned across almost two years of the podcast. Show Notes Here are some key take-outs: Publish consistently. Your audience expects it. That might mean allotting regular time in your diary to create your content.

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  • Interview techniques for tricky talent

    Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth. You’ve got your questions, you know the information you need to get out of the person sitting opposite you, but you just can’t quite extract it. Over my career as a journalist, I’ve probably interviewed tens of thousands of people. I’ve had them all — from the stunned mullets to stonewallers, from the single-word answer guys to people experiencing shock.

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  • Journalistic principles add credibility to your content

    OK, I know what you’re thinking: journalists don’t always have the best reputation. People love to whinge about the profession. Sometimes it’s from the people we give a hard time, like politicians who are angry they’re not getting an easy ride. Sometimes it’s because of our own behaviour, like those foot-in-the-door “don’t mind me intruding upon your grief, but isn’t it all te ...

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  • Why being reactive should be part of your strategy

    Here’s something that’s probably missing from your editorial calendar: Adrenalin. In a traditional newsroom, adrenalin is a part of daily life. It’s one reason why the news game is so addictive. Journalists love rushing around, interviewing people, getting all the facts, filing articles from the field, “crossing live” back to the studio and beating the opposition to the story.

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  • How to build your audience by adding editorial value

    There’s a trick smart news organisations use to attract audiences away from their opposition: value adding. Value adding is about going the extra mile to deliver your audience something extra. It’s going above and beyond the basic, drilling down on the detail, giving the reader, viewer or listener extra bang for their buck. Here’s why it matters.

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  • 7 Editorial Workflow Tips from Traditional Publishing

    The newspaper industry began in earnest in the 1650s and ever since, publishers have been developing and refining editorial workflow processes. While technology has come and gone over the centuries, changing the way things are done, the goal has remained the same — to get the news out as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible.

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  • How to generate article ideas like a journalist

    There’s a weird thing that happens when you tell a stranger at a party that you’re a journalist; you always get asked the same two questions. The first is ‘who do you write for? ’ It doesn’t matter what answer you give here, the person will invariably succumb to an uncontrollable desire to tell you everything they think is wrong with the publication, right down to its poor abs ...

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