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  • Re-engaging Old Leads With Email Workflow

    You have a database of leads. You’ve had it for a while – maybe a year, maybe a few months. Depending on your business, you likely have some kind of an attrition rate. In other words, you probably have leads that have gone cold. Baby, it’s cold outside. It’s time to warm up your cold feet leads. Common sense tells you that if a lead hasn’t heard from you in a while, they’ve p ...

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  • Is Billboard Advertising Effective in 2015?

    Published 45 mins ago 38 Hi. My name is Dan, and I’m a marketing snob. I’ll be the first to admit that I cringe at the word “advertising.” I prefer terms like marketing, inbound, newsjacking and promoting. So when, as the director of marketing for my company, I was approached with the idea to create a billboard campaign, I was sure it would fail epically.

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  • The Golden Rule of Lead Generation: Treat All Leads Equally

    Published 3 mins ago 25 As a former TV news producer, I know a thing or two about communication, storytelling, building and maintaining an audience and media. I’ve taken the lessons I learned after nearly a decade in the newsroom and parlayed it into a marketing career. Some of the lessons I have learned were immediate. Others have taken shape over the years.

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  • Want a High Landing Page Conversion? Go Naked.

    Content Marketing, Owned Media Published 23 mins ago | By: Dan Moyle Want a high landing page conversion? Go naked. We went naked at AmeriFirst Home Mortgage and have a landing page conversion rate that hovers – thanks in some part to those naked landing pages – between 30 percent and 40 percent. You can find many ways to boost engagement on landing pages.

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  • 5 Content Tactics for Marketers in Boring Industries

    Content Marketing, Owned Media, Shared Media Published 1 min ago | By: Dan Moyle First of all, get over your own stigma of being in a boring industry. Just because you’re not selling a Tesla car or the latest craft beer doesn’t mean you’re in a boring industry. While it may not be the perfect industry for a highly entertaining Super Bowl commercial, your business is intere ...

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  • Conversion Assist Tools: Help Your Audience Dig Deeper

    Content Marketing, Owned Media Published 1 min ago | By: Dan Moyle Putting your content to work – Increasing online conversion with no-touch personalization After almost four years of publishing articles, I’ve accumulated quite a library of content at AmeriFirst Home Mortgage.Whether it’s one article per day or 5, the accumulated efforts total approximately 2,400 articles, ...

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