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  • Announcing: 2017 Click Through Rate Study

    IMN is pleased to announce our Summer 2017 Click Through Rate Study, now available in Whitepaper format in the Resources section of our website! It’s been a while since we’ve last written about this topic, and since last summer, there have been multiple changes to both the algorithms that determine the organic rankings AND the visual presentation of the SERPs.

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  • A “More” Core Tour of the 404: Do’s and Don’ts for Broken Pages

    There are some topics, that although extensively written on already, still seem to elicit a lot of confusion among clients and digital marketers alike, even in 2016. One of those topics is the 404 page and how to handle broken pages and links in general. So even though the best practices haven’t changed (too) much over time, allow us to review the topic again and perhaps offer ...

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  • Beware of Automated Reporting: Software are NOT Analysts

    Recently, a client sent over a site audit another agency had prepared. The client was concerned; although they were happy with their campaign-to-date, the report supposedly identified a slew of “critical” issues to fix on their site. What did we think? At first, I was worried. Had the Ninjas missed something? Would the client doubt our due diligence? I reviewed the audit and w ...

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