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  • Eight Free or Low-Cost Conversion Tracking Platforms & Tools

    Marketing your business is not a simple process. It requires endless planning, adaptation to your market and follow through of purchases. However, modern technologies, made possible with the advent of mobile technology, are transforming how you market your business. Today, more customers are connected to the internet than ever before, and how you reach out to your customers ...

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  • Software Update: Customized User Roles and More

    The UpCity development team has been hard at work over the past month on some exciting new functionality within the UpCity platform, and today we wanted to highlight a number of important new features that have been heavily requested by our customers. Customized User Roles Earlier this year we rolled out Advanced Team Management, which allowed our customers to invite other Ac ...

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  • Software Update: Advanced Team Management

    We’re following up our recent updates on social with another strong release! UpCity customers can now invite their clients into the UpCity system and limit their views. Now our agency customers can easily offer Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-Together or full service packages with our system as the foundation. I’ve included a couple screen shots to illustrate the new functionality further.

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  • Software Update: Social Reporting Now Available in UpCity Platform

    UpCity is kicking off 2016 with a big software update. Social reporting was one of our most requested features and is now available in the UpCity platform. Some may recall that we launched our initial social capabilities in Q2 of 2015 with our acquisition of StreamScience. In our initial release, we rolled out robust content curation and promotion capabilities.

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  • Product Update: New Features of UpCity’s Custom Task Manager

    Since rolling out our new Custom Task Manager system earlier this year, we’ve gotten amazing feedback from our customers on how to enhance the system to address the needs of the various workflow processes out there. It’s important to remember that UpCity wasn’t built to be another “seo tool” but a platform digital marketing agencies can use to manage and scale all workflow an ...

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  • Product: Local Report Card is Now Available

    By popular demand we’ve rolled out our Local Report Card for customers in order to summarize the status of a clients’ local business listings. More specifically, our system now summarizes whether a listing Matches, has Possible Errors or is Not Found on the dozens of directories that we track. A small screenshot of the report is below.

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  • Product Update: Automated Reports Is Now Live!

    More exciting news on the product front – we just released our new Automated Reporting feature. Within the UpCity platform, clients can now configure and send PDF reports to their customers on a predetermined schedule and include their favorite UpCity reports. These schedules can be set up on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and include any and all of the UpCity reports that a ...

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  • Product Update: International Support and Task Updates

    Posted May 11, 2015 by Dan Olson | We’ve had a number of pretty significant feature releases in the past few weeks and wanted to make sure and highlight them today. International Local SEO First, we are excited to announce that we now fully support the UK, Australia and Canada in addition to the United States from a Local SEO perspective.

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  • Product Update: UpCity Now Integrates with Google Analytics!

    Posted October 10, 2014 by Dan Olson | We have a very exciting product announcement today! Customers can now pull Google Analytics data into UpCity and get a simple view into key website performance metrics. For awhile we’ve felt that while Google Analytics is a very powerful and effective solution, it can be very overwhelming for small businesses and the agencies that work ...

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  • Top Strategies for Scaling SMB SEO Campaigns – Process Definition

    We set up this series – Top Five Strategies to Successfully Scale SEO for Small Businesses – to guide marketing services companies that work with small businesses in developing successful and profitable client relationships. We outlined the Top Five Strategies in our first post. This week, we are diving deeper into our first strategy – Process Definition.

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  • Product Update: Welcome to Our new Sales Tools Area!

    Very excited to announce the rollout of our new Sales Tools area! We have always been and will continue to be focused on making SEO Campaign Optimization easy. In addition to Campaign Optimization, we’re now officially in the business of helping our agency partners close new business through our new Sales Tools area.

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