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  • hitting reset

    Pic by me – Chicago, July 2016 Last month I hit the lowest of lows I’ve yet to experience in business. But I’ll come back to that. I should probably take you to what led to this. And I should tell you this story does end on a positive. But fair warning – it goes through a whole lotta lows too.

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  • 064: How To Craft Winning Marketing Plan w/Noah Kagan

    One thing we ALL struggle with is too many options. Whether it’s the millions of song options I have on Spotify, the 100’s of flavors at an ice cream stand – or marketing. The thing I love about today’s guest’s approach to marketing is it’s so … simple. Not easy, but simple. Noah provides a framework and importantly mindset approach to how to arrive at – and execute upon this simplicity.

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  • 063: The Story Behind Venngage’s Explosive SEO Growth w/Nadya Khoja

    This week’s guest was referred to me as someone who could teach the value of infographics. My first reaction was ‘hmmm … infographics sort of have a bad reputation’. But when I dug into the company’s SEMrush traffic stats and was blown away by their recent, explosive growth. That company is Venngage and my guest is their Director of Marketing Nadya Khoja.

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  • 061: Podcasting Year In Review (Download Stats Revealed & Lessons Learned)

    This post is a companion post to the actual audio episode. (There’s little to no overlap in content!) Here’s what you’ll find by listening! How we find and choose guests Our top to bottom production process Podcasting metrics, goals and KPIs What makes a good podcast Podcast promotion strategies Incorporating storytelling into an educational/actionable oriented s ...

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  • 059: The NEW Technical SEO (In Plain English) w/Mike King

    I’m minding my own business, doing my SEO ‘thing’. Thinking “I GOT THIS”. And then Mike King drops an article like this one called “The Technical SEO Renaissance“. In it, he uses words like “critical rendering path”, “inverse document frequency” and “angular JS” – and I don’t know about you, but maybe you feel a bit behind, intimidated or overwhelmed? Seems like, per usual, ...

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  • 057: Turbocharge Your SEO With These Powerful Google Analytics Tips

    Do you experience the pain, frustration and overwhelm I feel when logging into Google Analytics – and you’re just buried in data. Maybe like me, you struggle to immediately connect all the dots to useful reports, outcomes and action items. My guest today told me about some things I’d didn’t even know were possible in GA – and better yet – how to apply them to better our SEO and Content efforts.

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  • 056: The Art Of The Launch (and Two Huge Opportunities) w/John Lee Dumas

    You may not know this, but when Tim Ferriss was launching his enormously successful Podcast, my guest today was one of just a few veteran podcasters Tim reached out to ask for advise. That makes sense. John’s show, EOFire, receives over 1.5 million monthly listens (and Tim’s show has crossed over 100 million downloads total).

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  • 055: Getting Major Publishers To Feature Your Content (20 Proven Tips!)

    Has this ever happened to you? You create the best 10x piece of content imaginable. (It really is 10x right?) You invest time, research and money into it. You hit publish and you know it’s going to go crazy! But then it doesn’t. That’s because “build it and they will come” is not always true. You have to build it, promote it – and then if you’re content and message is good ...

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  • 053: How To Rank Above Wikipedia (In An Ultra Competitive Industry)

    If you were to ask me: “Dan, choose an industry to build a website around to get traffic from Google” I would definitely NOT choose the medical and supplements industry. It’s super hard to get Google and users to trust you, and rank above sites like Wikipedia, WedMD. But that’s exactly what my guest, Sol Orwell did with his site Examine.

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  • 052: What Link Building Success Really Looks Like w/Mark Johnstone

    Yes, I copied the title exactly from Mark’s Moz Post. In fact that’s WHY I invited Mark to be a guest on today’s show. He wrote a post on Moz a few weeks ago that caught quite a bit of attention from the SEO community. It was actually a response to a prior post on Moz by Tomas Vaitulevicius. called “The SEO Myth Of Going Viral”. You see, Mark used to work for the agency Distilled.

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  • Master Your Homepage Meta Descriptions Now (Plus, 15 Inspiring Examples!)

    Why … Meta Descriptions? Aren’t meta descriptions basic, boring SEO 101? How about javascript crawling or some of this other stuff over here? Answer: I see a LOT of terrible, mindlessly written meta descriptions out there. Take … Macy’s for example: Yuck! Yet, there are 18 million … eighteen million searches a month for ‘macys’.

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  • 12 Creative Ways To use My Favorite Keyword Research Tools

    NOTE: I originally wrote this for The Next Web In August of 2016. It was officially accepted… but never published (not sure what happened). Anyway, I didn’t want it to go to waste, so I’m publishing it here! This article is BOTH a podcast episode you can listen to on it’s own, OR you can consume in text form below.

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