Dan Thornton

  • Benefits Of A Google Hangout

    When it comes to content creation, video is something that still scares people. Despite the fact that webchats and webinars have been around for a relatively long time, it can still be hard to encourage an individual or business to take part. And yet the benefits of a Google Hangout can be substantial.

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  • Explain Me How A Crawler Works Like I’m Five

    The world wide web is full of information. If you want to know something, you can probably find the information online. But how can you find the answer you want, when the web contains trillions of pages? How do you know where to look? Fortunately, we have search engines to do the looking for us. But how do search engines know where to look? How can search engines recommend a f ...

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  • Universal Analytics: How To Change to It And Not Losing Your Data

    Now is the time to begin the migration to Universal Analytics from any existing Google Analytics set-up. The new code is not only the ongoing standard for Google, but it also gives you access to additional features. Universal Analytics officially left the Beta period in April and It’s now compatible with all analytics features, including Remarketing, DoubleClick and more.

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