Dan Zarrella

  • Saying Goodbye to HubSpot

    Saying Goodbye to HubSpot I joined HubSpot on February first of 2009. In the six years since then we set the Guinness World Record for world’s largest webinar and we went public. I got married, wrote and published four books and moved to Las Vegas. I built and we released a bunch of awesome little social media tools and I represented HubSpot by speaking at countless conferences.

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  • An Introduction to Memes and Memetics for Marketers

    If I say the word “meme” around a group of web savvy people, the first thing that will come to most minds is an image macro–a photograph overlayed with funny text. A sort of meta inside joke that gets passed around the internet. Things like Good Guy Greg, Success Baby or Grumpy Cat. And while it’s true those are examples of what the word “meme” really means, they’re a very sm ...

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  • [Infographic] The Science of Instagram

    When I’m speaking at a conference, one of the most common questions I’m asked is what do I think the future of social media is. I’m not great at distant future predicting, but I do believe the story of the present and near-future of social media is visual content. From the impact of images and video on Facebook and Twitter to the new crop of media-centric social platforms like ...

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  • [Infographic] The Science of Selfies

    Selfies are pretty cool, everybody’s posting them. Merriam-Webster just added the word Selfie to the dictionary. The most retweeted tweet ever posted was a selfie from the Oscars. If you’ve heard the latest novelty dance music hit #SELFIE you’ll recall that the song’s protagonist ponders aloud which filter she should use, X-Pro II or Valencia.

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