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  • Personal Branding for Business Owners: Is It Necessary?

    Personal Branding for Business Owners: Is It Necessary? March 18, 2017 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment Social media has really changed the way we look at personal branding. Professionals can now share their expertise with millions of followers on a regular basis. Readers can interact with their idols directly.

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  • Kajabi vs. Thinkific: An LMS Head-to-Head Review

    The world gets smaller every day, and we all have to do everything we can to keep up with the ever-changing times. Gone are the days when people would walk in your front door asking you to take on an apprentice. These days, people can do everything online—even teach. Enter the Learning Management Systems, or LMS.

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  • How to Effectively Transition from a Corporate Career to a Freelance Career

    How to Effectively Transition from a Corporate Career to a Freelance Career February 22, 2017 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment More people than ever are making the transition from working at a company to working for themselves in a freelance career. Some of these freelancers set up an LLC, but in actuality they are working for themselves rather than being part of a larger company.

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  • How Should You Handle Price Competition on Amazon?

    What should you do when your Amazon competitor matches your price? Even worse, when your competitors undercut you? Will your sales plummet? That’s the logical conclusion, especially if they get the “Amazon’s Choice” flag. So should you cut your prices and race your competitors to the bankruptcy court? Customer Buying Behavior Amazon customers choose to buy from the site fo ...

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  • How to Properly Identify Your Target Audience

    As an entrepreneur, you understand that market research is a must. What many business owners fail to realize is that they probably shouldn’t conduct market research themselves. You shouldn’t even hand the task off to an in-house marketing person or team. Photo by Davide Ragusa If you have the budget for a marketing department, it’s best to utilize that resource for content mark ...

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  • 5 Essential Tips for Hiring a Project Manager

    The right project manager can make or break any development project, whether it be small or large. Whether you’re upgrading products you already have or creating a new product, you’ll find that an individual skilled in project management can be the deciding factor in timelines and overall success.

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  • How to Create Powerful Online Courses with Kajabi

    Teaching an online course is far from being all sunshine and rainbows. You have to deal with a lot to set everything up. Your tasks include creating and marketing your content, as well as engaging with your audience. That’s how things were in the past, at least. Setting up a web portal for your courses has become a lot less complicated because of all the tools now available ...

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  • Make Every Email Count with Smart Email Signatures from WiseStamp

    As of December 20, 2016, close to 1.2 billion email messages have been sent with WiseStamp. You might want to know why so many are using it. Now that you’ve seen the number of business owners and professionals giving their vote of confidence to WiseStamp, I hope that at this point, there isn’t a shred of doubt in your mind of how valuable the tool can be for growing your busi ...

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  • Important Factors to Consider When Branding a Business

    Important Factors to Consider When Branding a Business December 18, 2016 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment Does your business have an instantly recognizable brand? If not, you need to consider changing this situation as quickly as possible. People like to associate themselves with certain brands they trust and that they are familiar with, so you need to put your business in this position.

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  • 4 Common Types of Life Insurance You Need to Consider

    Life insurance is one of the most important investments that you’ll ever make for your family. It’s the best safety net that you can buy. In fact, it’s one of the only ways that you can take care of your loved ones if something tragic were to happen to you or allow your small business to continue to operate.

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  • Protect Company Data with These 5 Important Steps

    Data is a company’s biggest asset. Should it ever be compromised, the repercussions can be plentiful. If you don’t protect company data, you could lose hundreds of dollars, your reputation, and, in some instances, your business. As you hear about data breaches from big companies, the news likely alarms you. You wonder how you can protect your company from the same.

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  • Life Insurance Advice from Four Famous Professionals

    Life Insurance Advice from Four Famous Professionals August 4, 2016 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment So you already know you need a policy, but what do the financial experts have to say about why you need one and the types of coverage available? Check out this life insurance advice from leaders in the financial industry.

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  • The World’s Best Blog Sites and How to Create Your Own

    The best blog sites in the world generate an income of between $15,000 and $30,000 a day. The best blog sites generate huge amounts of income ~ Image Credit: OnlineIncomeTeacher Huffington Post, which is considered the best blog site in the world, was only started in May 2005. So what would you say if I told you that you can also create a blog site that rocks, and generates a ...

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  • Best Methods to Get Content Ranked Swiftly in the Google Index

    There’s a scripture that says, “…And wait for your God continually.” Those who wait on their God, don’t know when He may part the waters so that His people can cross to the other side of the sea. Well, for digital marketers, Google is a lot like “waiting for God continually”. The Google god, that is.

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  • Avoiding the Start-Up Death Trap: Premature Scaling

    “Go big or go home” is an often-said mantra for growth, but this statement ignores the dangers of premature scaling. While an unbridled spirit is often what fuels startups to pursue their innovative goals, that mentality can also lead to their deaths. Over time, a startup’s vision grows, as does the demand for its product—which means other aspects of the startup need to scale as well.

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  • The Broke Guy or Gal‘s Guide to Starting a Business

    The Broke Guy or Gal‘s Guide to Starting a Business April 15, 2016 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment How can you start a business…if you’re broke? It seems like an impossibility. Money, after all, is what matters most when you’re starting a business. But what if you have an amazing idea for a business but you have to lock it up on your “Ideas Cabinet” because of lack of capital ...

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  • 5 Keys to Building A Recession-Proof Business

    The rules of business have changed in the 21st century, and although characteristics of good leaders never go out of style, the days of 20 years of service, a gold watch and a pension are gone for the most part. Lack of secure positions and a dearth of openings in high-paying careers – especially for displaced workers over 50 – have driven many to turn to entrepreneurship as ...

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