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  • Protect Company Data with These 5 Important Steps

    Data is a company’s biggest asset. Should it ever be compromised, the repercussions can be plentiful. If you don’t protect company data, you could lose hundreds of dollars, your reputation, and, in some instances, your business. As you hear about data breaches from big companies, the news likely alarms you. You wonder how you can protect your company from the same.

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  • Life Insurance Advice from Four Famous Professionals

    Life Insurance Advice from Four Famous Professionals August 4, 2016 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment So you already know you need a policy, but what do the financial experts have to say about why you need one and the types of coverage available? Check out this life insurance advice from leaders in the financial industry.

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  • The World’s Best Blog Sites and How to Create Your Own

    The best blog sites in the world generate an income of between $15,000 and $30,000 a day. The best blog sites generate huge amounts of income ~ Image Credit: OnlineIncomeTeacher Huffington Post, which is considered the best blog site in the world, was only started in May 2005. So what would you say if I told you that you can also create a blog site that rocks, and generates a ...

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  • Best Methods to Get Content Ranked Swiftly in the Google Index

    There’s a scripture that says, “…And wait for your God continually.” Those who wait on their God, don’t know when He may part the waters so that His people can cross to the other side of the sea. Well, for digital marketers, Google is a lot like “waiting for God continually”. The Google god, that is.

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  • Avoiding the Start-Up Death Trap: Premature Scaling

    “Go big or go home” is an often-said mantra for growth, but this statement ignores the dangers of premature scaling. While an unbridled spirit is often what fuels startups to pursue their innovative goals, that mentality can also lead to their deaths. Over time, a startup’s vision grows, as does the demand for its product—which means other aspects of the startup need to scale as well.

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  • The Broke Guy or Gal‘s Guide to Starting a Business

    The Broke Guy or Gal‘s Guide to Starting a Business April 15, 2016 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment How can you start a business…if you’re broke? It seems like an impossibility. Money, after all, is what matters most when you’re starting a business. But what if you have an amazing idea for a business but you have to lock it up on your “Ideas Cabinet” because of lack of capital ...

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  • 5 Keys to Building A Recession-Proof Business

    The rules of business have changed in the 21st century, and although characteristics of good leaders never go out of style, the days of 20 years of service, a gold watch and a pension are gone for the most part. Lack of secure positions and a dearth of openings in high-paying careers – especially for displaced workers over 50 – have driven many to turn to entrepreneurship as ...

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  • 6 Ways to Nail a Phone Interview

    6 Ways to Nail a Phone Interview February 7, 2016 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment As work increasingly becomes a remote operation, more and more companies are relying on phone interviews in their recruiting process. Generally, this is the first step in a chain of interviews, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important – and unfortunately, phone interviews are notoriously fi ...

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  • 4 Ways Your International Business Is Hemorrhaging Money

    4 Ways Your International Business Is Hemorrhaging Money January 7, 2016 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment New technologies have made it far easier for businesses to expand on a global scale. Indeed, according to findings from software provider SAP AG and Oxford University’s Oxford Economics, around 60% of small and medium sized businesses in North America have set their sights ...

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  • Branded Merchandise Is Great for Businesses Both Big and Small

    Branded Merchandise Is Great for Businesses Both Big and Small December 19, 2015 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment While branded merchandise is often thought of as a marketing option for larger businesses only, it can also be exceedingly helpful to small companies looking to boost name recognition.

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  • 6 Tips to Generate More Revenue

    6 Tips to Generate More Revenue December 14, 2015 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment In order to succeed as a business, it is important to generate more revenue. The more revenue your business has, the more money you can invest back in the business. Also, high revenues enable many businesses to utilize wealth management tools for better financial health today and in the future.

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  • Should Working Professionals Take Time to Go Back to School?

    Should Working Professionals Take Time to Go Back to School? November 4, 2015 By Dana Davis Leave a Comment It used to be that a single bout of education could carry a professional for a single career. After all, it’s not like the average education is short. From kindergarten through a masters or doctorate, most professionals spend a minimum of 12-15 years in focused, guided learning.

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  • 10 Questions to Ask a Social Media Agency

    You finally decided to take the plunge and hire a social media agency to help you market your business. Only one question…well, one question that leads to a series of other questions. What exactly do you ask a social media agency to determine if they are the right company for your needs? If you are not sure, we have a list of the top 10 questions you should ask any agency befo ...

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  • ERP Tips and Tricks: A Beginner’s Guide

    Most business owners know they need some type of ERP solution, but they have no idea why, what to look for, or even how to implement one. We recently found this great infographic by AlfaPeople that acts as a step-by-step guide for any business owner in the beginning stages of looking for an ERP solution.

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  • How to Use SEO To Increase SmallBiz Earnings

    While many organizations understand the importance of having an online presence for their business, few understand what it really takes to compete in the online marketplace and capture the largest share of consumer dollars. Effective online marketing is the key to increasing sales, and understanding SEO is a major part of that equation.

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  • Getting Your Personal Finances in Order Builds Your Business Credit

    Too many entrepreneurs who put everything they have into a startup do so without making the best possible plan to build their new company’s credit. That’s not to say that they don’t make a plan. It’s just that the relationship between personal and business finances is complicated, but the core issue is simple: While you do want to keep business and personal finances separate, ...

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  • First Class Hosting Services From Register.Com

    If you’re looking to get your official company website up and running, you’ll need to secure the services of a first class domain hosting expert. The sooner you get your website online, the sooner you can begin expanding your potential customer base from a purely local public to a truly international audience.

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