Dana Forman

  • Vetting Link Prospects: What Matters, and What Doesn’t?

    So, you’ve created some great content and you want to promote it… You’ve read (and bookmarked) our Giant List of Free Influencer Marketing & PR Tools, you’ve spent hours researching as many link opportunities as you can, and now you’ve got a large list of prospects. Good for you! But you’re not through with the prospecting phase yet.

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  • #TBT History of SEO: Ten Years Ago vs. Today

    In honor of #ThrowbackThursday, Seer’s taking a look at how drastically SEO has changed over the past ten years. So grab your TARDIS, flux capacitor, or time-turner necklace and join us on our trip down memory lane. 10 Years Ago: The Major Players in SEO History Back in the day, Google had more market share than any other search engine, but Yahoo! and MSN were still major contenders.

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  • Content Strategy: More Than Just a Line Item

    When I started working in digital marketing, back in early 2006, I worked in the SEO department of a full-service agency. Back then, very few people understood what SEO actually was, and therefore, many of our clients considered SEO a separate piece of our full-service offering, a line item on their invoice.

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