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  • The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics

    Across industries and disciplines, people at various levels of their profession are seen to struggle with the difference between strategy and tactics. The distinction is as important for marketers a ...

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  • Make Understanding Your Customer Journey a Priority

    A research report recently published by Millward Brown Digital revealed how 55% of senior marketers lack confidence in their organisation’s understanding of the customer journey. With the volume of new digita ...

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  • How To Make & Position Great Content

    Understanding what great content is and how best to gain coverage for it are important lessons for anyone new to the world of content marketing. We work with a lot of clients who a ...

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  • Internet Trends 2016: The Future of Content

    Venture Capitalist Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends report dates back to 2001 and has become a highlight in the diaries of people across the tech industry, including digital marketers. Taking ...

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  • Getting a job in SEO: A Candidate’s Perspective

    I’ve now been with Builtvisible for a whopping 2 months. I arrived at a time of rather hefty transition, witnessing a complete rebranding of the company followed by a pleasantly emotional move into our swish new offices. Hello Silicon Roundabout! Before being embraced by the BV family, I had no real exposure to SEO as a line of work and only limited experience of digital marketing in general.

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