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  • Creating a Viral Environment to Serve Your Customers

    The impulse to share something new with someone else is a natural and universal trait. But in the age of the Internet, why are some things shared while others are not? What causes a piece of content to go viral? To help answer this Courtney Eckerle, Manager of Editorial Content, MarketingSherpa, sat down with Jonah Berger, author of Contagious: Why Things Catch On, to learn ...

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  • Why Implementing Relevancy into Email Programs Can’t Wait

    A few moments after her featured speaker session at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015, Shawna Dahlin, Senior Email Marketing Manager, Microsoft Store, sat down at the Media Center with MarketingSherpa Reporter Courtney Eckerle to discuss why it’s so important for marketers to recognize problems and implement changes to their email campaigns as soon as they can.

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  • Digital Marketing: What is a 21st century brand?

    What is a brand? Specifically, what is a brand in the 21st century, when we have the ability to converse directly with our customers? Is it a product, a culture, a destination, service or ingredient? Or is it something more metaphysical? Steven Jones said in his book, Brand Like a Rockstar, that, Brands are so much bigger than business, logos, names and locations.

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  • How to Market Your Nonprofit like a Space Program

    When I was young, my father worked at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., as a technician. One day, he brought my brother and I back into his lab, which was filled with guys in white lab coats looking very important, whirling around equally important-looking machines that permeated the room with an orchestra of electronic sounds and blinking red light bulb eyes.

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