Daniel Bianchini

  • Stop and step away from the migration!

    Migrations! Migrations! Migrations! Everywhere you look there seems to be one that is happening. But website migrations are not easy! There are many good migrations being conducted on a regular basis, but you never hear about them. You only hear about those that have not gone as well as expected, sometimes through no fault of those involved.

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  • When will my SEO be done?

    Walking into a meeting to discuss the progress of an SEO project, it is common to be hit with the question of ‘So when will our site be optimised?’. This perception that optimised exists is what hinders so many SEO strategies from growing and fully developing. It can be difficult to be thinking long term in the actions you’re taking when there’s a short-term goal and finite contract length.

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  • 4 Ways to Use Screaming Frog’s Custom Feature

    Crawling a website is an extremely valuable part of any SEO’s armoury, and it’s great that we have so many tools available to make the job easier. Tools such as DeepCrawl, OnPage.org and Screaming Frog are constantly innovating to bring us more advanced data, allowing us to make informed, data-led decisions.

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