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  • Five SEO Challenges to look out for in 2017

    As a transformational year recedes, here’s a look at what 2017 holds in store: Cracking down on intrusive interstitials The only Google update to have so far been confirmed for January is a mo ...

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  • Competing in a More Diverse Search Landscape

    In this post we take a look at some ways in which we can leverage components that make up search results to increase the amount of organic real estate owned by your brand. ...

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  • An Introduction to Email Markup

    We’ve just released another exciting update to our Schema.org guide, which now includes details on email markup. If you’re just looking to get stuck in, please head on over to the guide here, otherwise ...

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  • Identifying Quick Wins in Your Internal Link Structure

    In an industry heavily focused on building links and content marketing to improve search performance, it’s easy to forget about the foundations in which your site operates. Paying a little more attention closer to home, working wi ...

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  • An Introductory Look at Social Mark-Up

    Each week at Builtvisible the teams get together for a group training session. This week we took a look at the basic fundamentals of social mark-up. I thought it’d be nice to share what it is and why it exists, give examples of some of the different types, basic schema & examples, methods of testing & validation, as well as a look ahead to what this mark-up could look like in the future.

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  • Content Strategy Helper Tool – Version 3

    Easily consolidate trending news from across the web, and find inspiration for your research topics quickly and easily: Skip to Set-Up About This is our 3rd update of the Google Spreadsheets based Content Strategy Helper Tool. As you’ll see, we’ve completely reworked the tool and added a large number of new social sites, content aggregators and news sources.

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  • SEO for ATG, Endeca and Oracle Ecommerce

    Introduction Oracle acquired ATG in January 2011, as one of the most popular ecommerce software platforms, providing facilities for merchandising and content personalisation. Later that same year Oracle also acquired Endeca, a leader of ecommerce based search technology through faceted navigation. ATG & Endeca together formed the core of Oracle’s ecommerce solution, which e ...

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