Daniel Gilbert

  • Attack of the clones: Here’s a script to fight duplicated ads

    You know those nightmares where your reflection comes out of the mirror and steals your life? Just me? Well, anyway, this is like that — but in AdWords. Sometimes you make a mistake with AdWords Editor, but instead of changing the existing ad, you create a new one. Or you’re overzealous in converting your old standard ads and make two expanded text ads (ETAs) instead of one.

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  • Here’s a script for copying labels between levels

    If you’ve ever run an AdWords account before, you’ll know why being able to copy labels between levels is such a godsend. In a typical account, you generally deal with hundreds, or even thousands of campaigns, within which there can be thousands more ad groups and keywords. Without proper labeling, things can get very messy… which is bad.

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  • Keeping an eye (or three) on your AdWords competitors

    We all love to know what our competitors are up to. We shouldn’t care that much — we should probably just get on with being the best. But we just can’t help ourselves. The best (and only empirical) source of competitor data is the AdWords Auctions Insights report. The only problem with this report is that it’s not easy to see changes over time, you can’t do any filtering, an ...

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