Daniel Gilbert

  • Seriously, Google, can you just make exact match exact?

    In case you haven’t heard, Google has decided to ignore function words and word order for exact match keywords. If you just want to know how to fix this travesty, then scroll to the stopgap solution section where I’m sharing a script from Brainlabs (my employer) which will automatically add so-called “close variants” as negative keywords.

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  • Keeping an eye (or three) on your AdWords competitors

    We all love to know what our competitors are up to. We shouldn’t care that much — we should probably just get on with being the best. But we just can’t help ourselves. The best (and only empirical) source of competitor data is the AdWords Auctions Insights report. The only problem with this report is that it’s not easy to see changes over time, you can’t do any filtering, an ...

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  • Hot off the presses: Make heat maps for device performance

    Heat maps are cool. Searchers’ behavior changes by hour and by day. Heat maps let you see the hot spots where you should fire up your bids — and the moments when you could save cold, hard cash by putting your ads on ice. I’ve shared a heat map-generating script with you before, but now the tech team at Brainlabs (my employer) has improved it.

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  • Rotating ad copy: What traffic are you missing out on?

    Ad testing is massively important. But you knew that already. You’ve set up all your ad groups with multiple ad copy variants. But the thing is, you don’t want to test for its own sake. You can’t just write a bunch of ads and leave them. At some point, you have to make decisions — keep the winners and lose the losers. If you keep showing losers, you’re missing valuable clicks and conversions.

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  • Scan Your Landing Pages With AdWords Scripts

    One of the classic tasks to automate with scripts is checking all your URLs for 404 errors. Google has their own Link Checker script, for instance. But this only tells you if a page is broken in a technical sense. You could easily have pages that aren’t 404s but that you still don’t want to use in your ads. For example: Products that are out of stock. Hotel rooms that are fully booked.

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  • See Hour-by-Hour Trends In AdWords With Heat Maps

    Everybody loves heat maps! They make it so much easier to see patterns in your data. They’re especially good for looking at how performance changes over the hours of the day and the days of the week: with 168 different data points, it’s hard to see anything if you just have a table of numbers. So the team at Brainlabs (my employer) wrote a script to help you create heat maps automatically.

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