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  • Scan Your Landing Pages With AdWords Scripts

    One of the classic tasks to automate with scripts is checking all your URLs for 404 errors. Google has their own Link Checker script, for instance. But this only tells you if a page is broken in a technical sense. You could easily have pages that aren’t 404s but that you still don’t want to use in your ads. For example: Products that are out of stock. Hotel rooms that are fully booked.

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  • See Hour-by-Hour Trends In AdWords With Heat Maps

    Everybody loves heat maps! They make it so much easier to see patterns in your data. They’re especially good for looking at how performance changes over the hours of the day and the days of the week: with 168 different data points, it’s hard to see anything if you just have a table of numbers. So the team at Brainlabs (my employer) wrote a script to help you create heat maps automatically.

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  • Keywords Are Back For Google Shopping Campaigns!

    Shopping campaigns aren’t like Search campaigns with all their precise knobs, levers, and switches. For Shopping campaigns you just give Google a feed of products and hope it can match them to the right queries. It’s a lot like pure broad match (ugh!). You can have negative keywords, but no positive ones.

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  • 24/7 Bidding: Going Mobile With 100% More Shopping!

    Customer behavior changes at different times of day. AdWords ad scheduling, with only six unique bidding windows per day, doesn’t come close to the granularity we need to make our AdWords accounts shine. Most third-party bidding tools only allow two or three bid changes a day. In response to this, I shared an AdWords script built by the team at Brainlabs (my employer) a few ...

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  • An AdWords Script To Make Exact Match, Well…Exact

    Many of you will have heard about Google’s decision to terminate exact match (at the same time as telling us that it’s for our own good). It’s a clear move to grab some more advertising dollars, and the news has been met with fury by SEM experts. Most two-year-old kids know that there is a semantic difference between singular and plural forms – and anyone with the slightest ...

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